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Fringe Easter Eggs: Observer in The Abducted

      Email Post       11/18/2010 10:20:00 PM      

The Observer can be spotted in the Fringe episode The Abducted, standing outside of the restaurant (next to the mustard bottle!) where Olivia talks to Henry Higgins about her plan to go home.

You can see all of The Observer's other appearances here.


Unknown said...

its so hard to find him !

Unknown said... I opend it - I hope thats ok : )

Anonymous said...

I also noticed the flag of British Columbia lol funny since it supposed to be New York.

Siobhan carroll said...

great spot never would have seen it my self

Mark said...

So, can the observers travel between universes, or are there doubles of them as well? Or are some here and some there? Questions, questions, questions...

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