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      Email Post       11/08/2010 09:54:00 AM      

A Fringe alternate universe website,, has been created to help the families and loved ones "Remember The Ambered".

On the "Amber Relief Fund Memorial Site", there are currently four pages of memorial posts dedicated to people who were trapped in amber in the alternate universe. Among the messages are a couple of interesting tidbits, including this call to action:

"But I'm not writing to tell you about my pain. What's at stake is much bigger than that. I'm writing to raise awareness about the dangers we're turning away from. I'm writing as a call to action. Nobody likes to think their family could be effected, but it's inevitable if we don't change our methods of containment. Today, on the anniversary of Marco's death, I hope you'll join me in supporting the dedicated scientists, researchers, and engineers who are searching for answers. Our children, and their children, deserve more than this. Please support the Amber Relief Fund to help us find a better way" 

There is also mention of a rogue group:

"The perpetrators of the event are believed to be members of the Base Brigade, and a Fringe Division investigation is ongoing."

The site also has non-working links to donate, and a non-working form to submit your own amber memorial story.


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