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Fringe 308 "Entrada" Canadian Promo

      Email Post       11/26/2010 08:08:00 PM      

Thanks to CityTv, here's a new promo for the next episode of Fringe.


Unknown said...

Poor Olivia, Poor Peter, Poor Fringe.

Anonymous said...

Peter looks devastated, like something inside him snapped. I wonder if he'll be turned off by his Olivia because he'll be constantly reminded of Alivia's betrayal. I predict Fringe will lose it's romantic edge and get back to the business of myth and monsters. Good enough!

iRandy said...

Wow! It looks like this week's episode is going to really advance the plot line! Fringe rocks!

Anonymous said...

Nice job fringe writers, you have created a real jewel of telivision sci-fi.
Prediction: The typewriter communication set-up will be captured by Walter and Peter. Bolivia is going to end up in Federal custody and Walternate is going to set up his game.
And Perhaps one of "the first" people will reveal themselves

rpvee said...

ok, who edited that promo? It's terrible, lol.

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