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Fringe Preview 222: Over There, Part 2

      Email Post       5/14/2010 01:04:00 AM      

Preview for the Fringe episode "Over There, Part 2", which airs March 20th on FOX.

Head over to the FringeTelevision YouTube channel to watch it in HD.

Screenshots of the video are available at


Sarah said...

I think you mean May 20th, at least that what I hope you mean! I can't wait that long to find out! :)

Unknown said...

I had been really enjoying the show... until now the cliche that peter will either save or end the world please do not insult the intelligence of the viewers. give us somethng that is keeping us coming back week after week. I am sure the writers will get it right next season can not till then of course it is already DVR'd lol..

Joanna said...

I think "Peter saves/destroys the world" is less of a cliched ending and more of a "holy crap, we're only just now getting started on the real action" twist. They've been hinting at this since the show started, except I think it's much, much bigger than we've been led to believe. We don't know what Walternate is doing, or why -- and I don't think we'll begin to find out until season 3.

A big piece of evidence for this (I think) is that we haven't been really introduced to anyone from the other side -- they're just dropped on us in the middle of their own story. It's kind of brilliant, actually, because it really puts the emphasis on the "more than one of everything" theme. I think the show's going to expand in a big, big way -- they're not wrapping up a story arc, they're setting up the big picture. Everything we thought we knew is (probably) wrong.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

And it will be also a cliche if the show ended with Olivia vs Olivia fighting. But I suppose Walter and Olivia can do whatever they want since they are favorites while Peter gets bashed and criticized for every single thing he does.

BTW, would it be a cliche if it was Olivia saving the world? Or do you love Olivia so much that she can do no wrong?

Abby Flynn said...

Well, then. As for the /clip/...

This looks incredible. And I'll be incredibly interested to see how alt!Olivia deals with our Olivia. I mean, we've seen our Olivia deal with that kind of thing (Charlie), and she was strong enough to put him down, but then broke down because of it.

I mean, shooting oneself really packs a punch for the psyche. o.o

And speaking of Charlie, I would love to see our Olivia meet that Charlie. That could be a really poignant, and potentially very angsty moment if the show plays it right. (Which it will, as I have immense faith in it.)

Dave Thompson said...

I would personally love for Olivia to make a secret alliance with Alt-Olivia.

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