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Fringe Easter Eggs: Anagram from Walter's Lab

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When William and Walter visit the Harvard lab in the Alternate Universe, there is a strange phrase written on a chalkboard: "A DEMON'S TWIST RUSTS". The phrase is an anagram for:


Sam Weiss is dude from the bowling alley that Olivia has visited several times for advice, and was also the secret glyph clue for "Over There, Part 2".

Why would Sam Weiss be someone not to be trusted? Who left this message in the alternate universe? Do they mean the Sam Weiss from our universe, of the one from "over there"?

* Thanks to Andrew for decoding this!


David Wu said...
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David Wu said...

I believe Weiss is Alter-Bell. Reasons:
- WEISS was the glyph code for "Over There, Part 2"
- Sam Weiss said he was older/taller than he appears (in "Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver.")
- The easter egg, as deciphered above.
- William said that the alter-Bell "SEEMS" to have been killed in an auto-accident.

Plus, I believe Weiss was the one who visited James Heath when he was undergoing chemo.

T mags said...

No, you have it backwards. It's for Walternate to remember not to trust him. Whatever side he (they, you can't really be sure!) is from, he has chosen this side.

Unknown said...

He could be a shapeshife.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be really upset if Sam turns out to be a bad guy. I don't think he is, though; I agree that the note being on Walternate's chalkboard means that Walternate shouldn't trust him, not that we shouldn't.

I think that he may be from over there, but he's chosen to fight for this side. Remember, he was also the one who Nina said helped her regain motor control after she had her hand replaced...which as we now know, she lost not to cancer but to her accident with Walter's first cross to the other side. I think he may turn out to be the major nemesis of Walternate.

AD said...

I think he could be a "frist people"....maybe he is a younger must remember..Walter hasn't seem him yet?? But then agian Nina has....or he could be from another universe....

Mandy said...

Could Sam be Bell at a young age? Did he manage to stop time in the aging process?

He seemed to have some sort of 'gift', but one has to wonder if he discovered something to help his longevity and the fountain of youth.

I too think that the anagram was meant for Walternate. There is no way that our Walter would have seen that anagram when it was initially written, unless someone was able to see into the future, a little bit like Sam does. It's a mystery!

Unknown said...

weiss does seem to know a lot of things... but i think that its either weiss or peter who would find out that olivia is alter-olivia... best episode and season finale yet! i can't wait for season 3!!! sad cuz the olive-peter love story (the real one) wud be put on hold... wonder how peter and alter-olive would be like together...

Anonymous said...

I think Astrid will be the one to notice that Olivia's not herself. She's going to be the one to notice that alter-Olivia doesn't know how to use some basic investigative technology, or, like, a Metrocard.

Tom said...

I've never had a good feeling about Sam, but I didn't think he would play such a pivotal "bad" role. The glyph and the anagram point to him, though.

I think Olive's niece (Ella) will be the one who uncovers alt-Olivia. Kids are good at picking out phoneys.

Anonymous said...

Sam did once tell Olivia that he is "Older than he looks".

ParisD said...

If Nina is connected to Sam, and since so far both Nina and Sam seem to not have alt selves, perhaps they're both first people.

parkscout93 said...

Approximately an hour ago (it is currently 3:27 Eastern on April 8 when I write this) @FRINGEonFOX tweeted "There was no warning…", the link leading to a youtube video entitled FRINGE - Where Will You Be? Part 3. It's a lead-up commercial to the next episodes, however at the end there are some strange sounds. I recognized them as being backwards speech, so I downloaded the video and played it backwards. The speech was "A demon's twist rusts".

Eric Kwstzhdrc said...

check out the new video clip for LSD. at the end there is a backward track. play it in reverse and we hear this phrase again. based on it's anagram, I guess that means Sam is going to play a prominent role next episode!

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