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"Ford Exclusive" Deleted Scene from Over There, Part 2

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Here is the "Exclusive clip from the Fringe finale" that was mentioned in the Ford Taurus commercials shown during Over There, Part 2.


Runciter said...

extraordinarily lame

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought that was it... not much of a bonus scene. I was expecting something that actually meant something. But no, it's really more of an in-show ad placement for the car.

Poet said...

I've never heard of that band before; doing a mild bit of googling and wiki work turned up some interesting things:
They get a mention here, in 1971; an interesting note (or coincidence, or more than coincidence) is beneath the image at the left--apparently JJ had a hand in Wired the previous week.
Searching for them at Wikipedia seems almost pointless; there's no article for the band, but the very last search result? "Lindbergh kidnapping," coincidentally mentioned by Peter in this episode.
Searching youtube turned up this guy's account: http://www.youtube.com/user/mikeleepsych
which seems by far the most interesting, since all the material is a year old; among the videos is this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfsyYGN_Jpc which I can't quite understand, but the title of the song being discussed is Slow Vibration, reminiscent of the talk Walter gave about the universes vibrating at different frequencies.
I think there's a hell of a lot more to this scene than we suspect at this moment.

Runciter said...

chill out, dude

Poet said...

Oh, and someone trademarked Violet Sedan Chair in 2009:

Apples_AND_Oranges said...

See my comments on fox fringe website ... there are hidden messages in audio of the bonus clip when you digitaize the audio and play in reverse and at a slower speed to grasp what they are saying.


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