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Fringe Episode 221: Over There, Part 1

      Email Post       5/13/2010 11:55:00 PM      

Walter and Olivia travel to the parallel universe, and the anticipated face-off between Walter Bishop and William Bell occurs.

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Sara said...

Interesting how Kirk Acevedo gets a special billing.

I'll admit, I sort of stopped watching the show since Charlie's death, but I saw the preview for this week's episode and started watching the episodes I missed just to catch up :P

I can't get enough of Charlie. Man, I really did wish Kirk's scenes were longer, but the brief ones were fun. And the episode itself was fun to watch. Glad to see Nick Lane back again, but... yeah. Didn't really see why all three had to be killed of?

I was wondering whether this was still the same universe Olivia passed through last season, because Charlie's bald head was confusing. But the scar he had from that episode is still there; healing. Interesting.

Olivia's hair, too. A lot of things must've happened in that universe since ourworld-Olivia's last visit, because as far as I remember, no one was at all suspicious of her blonde hair.

AAAAAAND, I'm rambling. Sorry, but the other universe was something I've been waiting for for a while :D

Sara said...

Tsk, I forgot to mention how awesome Astrid looked in uniform. Yeah. I think I'm liking this alt-universe more and more.

Also, who was that man alt-Olivia was seeing? I don't have much of a good memory, but that wasn't anyone significant from past episodes, right?

Another moment I'd like to mention, Lincoln recognising Nick Lane. Gosh, I really think that there really is something bigger than we imagined going on. One comment in the latest post (on the main page): "They've been hinting at this since the show started, except I think it's much, much bigger than we've been led to believe. We don't know what Walternate is doing, or why -- and I don't think we'll begin to find out until season 3."

Maybe it's just me, but... I'm almost starting to believe Kirk's entire "I'm being fired." plus all he confusion on what TPTB did behind the scenes may have all been fake. I'm probably hoping, but there's a chance that the actor's reprising his character in the next season just as prominent as before.

If that's the case, holy crap; well played.

Then again, I'm speculating. God, I need to be at a forum somewhere.

angelica said...

The episode was simply amazing and was overloaded with easter eggs: the West-Wing show poster with characters resembling the last election's candidates, the 20 dollar bill with Martin Luther King, Jr on it, the bronze Statue of Liberty, the weird hotel in the middle of Manhattan, the USA map without California (the huge California earthquake must have happened in the alt-universe), the tattoos, the other details... And the huge device that's supposed to end both universes??? Amazing! And also the head of the Fringe division, the guy that burnt down, knew Nick Lane and they quite looked similar so maybe they were brothers??? And it was so great to see Charlie (Kirk Acevedo) back on the show, I missed him. I can't wait for the season finale, I adore this show.

Joanna said...

I think altFringeDiv used to be more like our FringeDiv; when Olivia first popped over there, everything was so similar she didn't realize it wasn't "her" universe. The paramilitary stuff must have come later.

My pet theory is that altOlivia dyed her hair because they figured out there were two of her running around, and the altguys wanted to avoid confusion.

Steven Kane said...

I cannot help but think that Walternate is a bad one. I think he is lying to his people, I think he does not care about Peter except as a tool to use in a way that will lead to Peter's death, and based on what we've been told, the destruction of our universe. He seems cold, power hungry and manipulative, the mirror opposite of our Walter. Was our Walter ever anything like this? Before the events that led to his being committed, he did blithely conduct experiments on innocent test subjects. Remember how Peter describes him in the Pilot before they are reunited. Walter describes his motivations for subjecting the children to the Cortexaphan (sp?) trials as being primarily benevolent. But what about all the other experiments, MK-Ultra and such? To further possibly deconstruct the back story, was Walter the classic scientist focused only on the science, ignoring the cost to the humans involved, until the accident that killed the lab assistant brought home to him all at once all of the evil caused by his work? Unable to process his guilt he became "mentally unfit to stand trial". This last may be completely self-evident from the information given us on the show, but I'm enjoying running over it and putting it down nonetheless. As an hour-long weekly television series Fringe will have flaws just like any other example of the form, but I think they've created one of the greatest characters in tv history with Walter. Oh, and what about that wise-ass, cocky alternate Olivia? She's nothing like our Olivia, even before what happened with Agent Scott caused Olivia to close up even more emotionally. As it appears the two of them will be facing off, what do you bet our Olivia won't find her an easy person to reason with? Well, so much for my first comment being a brief one...

Sara said...


I don't think it would've been alt-Olivia's choice to have dyed her hair then. Remember, she only finds out about the alternate universes from Walternate in the last episode.

I'm starting to think that the whole dyed hair thing isn't important at all to the storyline other than the producers wanting to create a difference between both characters so it wouldn't be difficult for viewers to catch on.

And yeah, Walternate isn't a good guy at all. It looks as if he's been using Peter since he was a kid, which also helps the story (Walter being the good father he really is, and all). It all makes me really excited! :D If the alt-division of Fringe finds out they've been lied to all along (and I think half of the next season will be dealing with this), they'd be working with Olivia.

EEEEH! I'm really, really starting to think Kirk Acevedo still has a part in Fringe then :P

Joanna said...

Ohhhhh right right right, I forgot that she didn't know about alt-alt-Olivia.

God I love this show.

Andrew said...

I was looking specifically for "alternate" stuff and saw the "West Wing season 11" poster, featuring Obama/Clinton/McCain look-alikes and the huge US map. The map deserves a little extra attention:

- California's coast was sheared off along the San Andreas fault. Apparently they have already had the "Big One".
- The Dakotas were merged, Texas was split in half and there were a few other changed state boundaries. I also think there was something different about the Northeast, suggesting changes in the USA-Canada border.
- No Alaska, no Hawaii. How many stars does the alternate flag have?

Also, I was so caught up in the Central Park scenes that I, again, completely forgot that the show is shot in Vancouver, meaning the park scenes were almost certainly in Stanley Park. Having spent most of February in Vancouver (for the Olympics) I always enjoy spotting recognizable locations, but I'll have to go back and watch those scenes again.

Romulus said...

I had no idea who Nick was.

I'm wondering what happened to John Scott in the alternate universe? Evil (Sultry & Sexy) Olivia From A Parallel Dimension doesn't seem to be mourning him like our Olivia did, at least during season 1. (That subplot sort of disappeared didn't it? I realize Mark Valley went on to new things but it seems like a dropped ball.)

Romulus said...

Was it supposed to be Clinton in the West Wing ad? My watching group thought it looked more like Palin.

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