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      Email Post       8/23/2009 09:55:00 PM      

The website has restarted the countdown for the third time, with the new start time set for Monday, August 24th at Midnight (even though the contest officially starts at 12:01 am...?!?)

However, if you got a head start and went to the "Phase 2" section, you will see a link to the Official Fringe DVD Website from Warner Bros.

The WB Fringe site contains a Season 1 DVD trailer, and other videos clips, including a behind-the-scenes looks at the making of "The Arrival". Plus there's Fringe wallpapers, buddy icons, cast bios, an image galley, and this hidden image of The Observer.


DCM said...

Thanks for the info! It's a really cool site and I'm DYING for season 2 to start! I plan on getting the blu-ray box set and the dvd box set next month!!!

OscarWRG said...

i can't find the observer or the wallpapers on the website

Dennis said...

The wallpapers are under the "downloads" section.

The Observer... well, I did say it was hidden ;) I'm not even sure it can be displayed using the gallery, but if you find a way, let me know.

OscarWRG said...

Is the download section also hidden, cause I couldn´t find it

Dennis said...

On the Warner Video site, after the video plays (or click "Enter The Site"), the menu will be at the top of the page: DVD INFO, GALLERY, VIDEOS, DOWNLOADS, CHARACTER BIOS.


OscarWRG said...

thanks, it was an error with flash

ICEMAN said...

I THINK i found the image of the observer- not sure if im right- but i dont wanna post on here incase i spoil it for those who want to find it themselves-

nd yeah i dont think u CAN post it in the gallery

Anonymous said...

Can someone please drop a hint as to where to look for the hidden pic of the observer?? I am about to go nuts trying to find it.. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

ICEMAN said...

I believe i found it- if i did, then heres my Clue to u.

Its not on 1 page inperticular, but rather a part of all them- trying looking between the "pages"

Anonymous said...

Man, would one of you help me out. Just tell me where that hidden pic of the Observer is, so I can re-gain my sanity!! Thanks.

smpltnimnt said...

I just finished watching season one four days ago and I cracked the cipher code myself before realizing most was already done for me on the web, excluding a few characters. The glyph cipher on the dvd menu however drove me crazy. I had to crack it. It didn't take nearly as long as I thought. Notice the dot on the sea horse is not over the tail? This is the cipher for "Z" and I would hypothesize that "X" would be this glyphs reflection. The leaf has the dot at the top and the leaf is curving to the left. This was so puzzling to me as it is in actuality a combination of the two ciphers "A" and "B." Using the Caesar Cipher referenced in the show with a little twist, the cipher reads "ZRAB." Using basic Caesar Cipher would yield "CUDE." This is where the twist comes in. Instead of moving forward in the alphabet with the letter "R" you move backwards, the cipher fittingly reads "CODE." Hope this helps those like me who cannot let a puzzle go unsolved. You're welcome also for, as far as I can tell, finishing the cipher code where from what I've been able to dig up, others have attempted to do so. Incorrectly I might add if my posit is correct for the unknown characters. Here is a link to an updated fringe glyph cipher I scavenged and updated which is, I believe, correct and finally complete.

gnr 120721

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