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Fringe Season 1 Blu-ray & DVD coversHigh Def Disc News has a very positive review of the "Fringe: The Complete First Season on Blu-ray", which will be released on September 8th, 2009.
VIDEO: translates very nice to Hi-Def ... The amount of detail present in close-ups is at times maybe worth considering 4.5 out of 5 video quality .. much better than the off-air broadcasts on FOX in what I believe is still 720p ... fans of the show that watched it when it aired on FOX are in for a treat here with a whole lot less compression.

AUDIO: the show actually pulls off some impressive (at times) surround sound, with Foley and other noises or background chatter, etc making good use of the rear channels as well as using the subwoofer to deliver bass when needed. The show is pretty intense at times thanks to it’s wonderful Score of original music done by Michael Giacchino (who also did the music for “LOST” among other things).

EXTRAS: Overall, wow, what can I say? There’s a great deal of very detailed, informative and lengthy supplemental material presented here that is sure to keep fans of the show like myself very busy... after you get done watching the season.
HDDN also has 1080p screenshots, and the list of special features:
  • Audio Commentaries - Episodes 1, 3, & 17
  • "The Massive Undertaking" - Behind The Scenes
  • "Dissected Files" - Deleted Scenes
  • "Deciphering the Scene" - Sidebars during the episode
  • "Evolution: The Genesis of Fringe"
  • "Behind the Real Science of Fringe"
  • "The Casting of Fringe"
  • "Robert Orci’s Production Diary"
  • "Fringe Visual Effects"
  • "Unusual Side Effects: Gag Reel"
  • "Gene the Cow"
  • "Fringe Pattern Analysis" (HD) is made up of dissected clips from episodes "The Ghost Network", "Power Hungry", "The Equation", "Safe", "The Transformation" & "Unleashed". This allows the viewer to take a closer look at these six select scenes from this season and then dissect each scene using notes, photos and diagrams.

Update: Here is a new review from


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Thanks for the post! - Justin Sluss of HDDN (High Def Disc News)

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