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Fringe Season 2 Official Cast Photos

      Email Post       8/19/2009 12:57:00 AM      

Here are the official cast photos for Fringe Season 2. It's nice to see Kirk Acevedo (Charlie Francis), along with Anna Torv (Olivia Dunham), John Noble (Dr. Walter Bishop), Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop), Blair Brown (Nina Sharp), Lance Reddick (Phillip Broyles), and Jasika Nicole (Astrid Farnsworth).

It's also interesting to note that Joshua Jackson's shadow is slightly different than everyone else's.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Its a safe bet to say that the shadows all mean something.

DCM said...

Nice photos! I can't wait for the upcoming season to start!!!

Ethan's Mommy said...

The pool water is different in the photos too - Nina's is completely smooth and Walter's is extremely rippled...this cannot be a coincidence.

Zxavion said...

I thought there was a rumor that Charlie Francis (Kirk Acevedo) was cut from the show? Glad he isn't, but did I miss the news squelching this rumor?

Unknown said...

I think it's interesting that Peter is at the front of the group photo rather than Olivia. I guess this season will be concentrating on him.

Larvarela said...

It should be Peter centered after the revelation of his death as a child and that he basically belongs to the alternate world !!

Olivia being able to move between realities should be high in the series !

ICEMAN said...


ICEMAN said...

Also Peters shadow is the really different one- his shadow appears to be opening or closing the door- as his "hand" is on the door knob- so maybe it sybmolizes peter learning his truth/ of unlocking a KEY in the PATTERN- nd maybe thats y he is also at the front of the group- he is THE KEY or finds a KEY/CLUE in the pattern. Peter good very well have some significance to do with the PATTERN as he is from another dimension- nd his "dark" past with shaddy characters and "jobs"- specifically how he wasnt "welcome" back in boston- their were ppl "onto" him/following him sometimes

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that another person has a different shadow? Everyone's shadow is the same, but Peter's is different, but look at the Broyles one too...the hand seems to be rising towards the handle of the door.

ICEMAN said...

sorry to be a dick "anyonomous" but thats exactly what i said about peters hand-its already on the door know. so maybe it means that we might come close to discovering something with the pattern and broyles this season

ICEMAN said...

it also appears in the the top row photos- that Walter seems to have his foot forward- where as other ppl seem to be realtively "even" footed

Meghan k said...

Like you said, the show will probably be more concentrated on Peter .. Beacause technicaly he is not supposed to be alive ... The only thing that I really don't understand is that why does Walter go back in the reality that his son is dead ? I mean.. Why would he want to be sad all over again ?!

pat said...

It looks like Francis is photoshopped in too, it doesnt like right. Everyone else looks natural but his looks a little different.

Anonymous said...

on the the door pictures, look at all the shadows hands. they are ALL different in some way

peters - everyone saw, the handle is on the door (and his fist is clenched too)

olivia - the hands in the shadow are opened and look claw like

nina - the hands are a little more relaxed

broyles - as someone said they are reaching upward

astrid - they are kinda like the ones in olivias but a little blurry

walter - they look like the ones in ninas

francis - his are deformed and the room looks darker

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