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The countdown timer at ran all the way down (again), and it appeared that there was no change to site. However, the entrance to "Phase 2" was found, thanks to FringedOutChris and Chris Lynn.

By surfing directly to, you are taken to the new content, which includes a behind-the-scenes clip from the Fringe Season 1 Blu-ray And DVDs, downloadable wallpapers and themes, and a chance to win a trip to the Fringe set in Vancouver and other great prizes.

Warning: According to the official rules, the contest does not officially start until Monday, August 24th - so enter early at your own risk.

There is also a very simple "Pattern Test", which if you complete (i.e. Complete The Pattern...), you will get five more entries into the sweepstakes.

Click here to reveal the answer to the Pattern Test:

UPDATE: Here are the video and downloads from the site (for those outside of the US)

Fringe Downloads


Anonymous said...

I am completely outraged that Canadians can not participate in the contest or even have access to downloadable content or a sneak peak. I mean, Fringe is being filmed in Vancouver...but why not let the world have access to the site without having to enter the contest????

As a huge Fringe Fan, this is definetly a negative setback!

Dennis said...

We go through this every time there is a contest, but there are probably too many legal issues/problems to have contests available worldwide.

As far as the downloadable content, I'll hook you up with that, don't worry ;)

Anonymous said...

Ah thank you Very much for putting up the downloads and video!!!
I feel a lot better now :-).
This site is amazing!

snicketsfile said...

Thank you for putting the download links.
In FF I was able to click them, but only a blank tab would open.

Though, I don't really like how the answers were posted.

BCFlimCommissioner said...

Instead of whining here about Canucks not getting to participate in the contest, try telling the
CTV Contest people. They could exclude all of the Yanks from playing in their contest.

Anonymous said...

It's an American production, you doofs. Just be happy that we're sending you guys the business.

Anonymous said...

I find BCFilmCommisioner highly offensive. Their post should be deleted :-(

anonymous said...

I found it helpful. She gave us a link to complain to, eyy. There was some whining, fer sure. The Canucks are the pro hockey squad in Vancouver were they are shooting now, and the Yanks are the pro baseball team in New York were they shot the episodes last year. Not offensive, informative. Keep yer stick on the ice. And stop yer whinin'

Lucas Gelati said...

Tanks from Brazil :)

Unknown said...

thanks so much, but I can't open the screensaver zip... any help?

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