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Happy Birthday John Noble!

      Email Post       8/20/2009 06:35:00 PM      

Happy Birthday to John Noble (Dr. Walter Bishop), who turns 61 today!

You can leave your own birthday wish for John in the comments.


Lauren said...

haha that pic is precious!

Meghan k said...

Yay !!!

MghnMrkl said...

Seems that Gene-the-cow is kosher. They put Gene in a yamika.

Anonymous said...

I hope you had an excelente birthday John!!! A big hugg to you :)

From Azores in Portugal


Anonymous said...

Tou're born on the same day as my mate! You cool Kid! I think you're awesome dude :) <3 Polivia forever dude :D <3 <3

Anonymous said...

You're* My bad

Anonymous said...

You're* My bad

Anonymous said...

hey john happy birthday you are the best actor of fringe i love you´re character and i´m willing to see what will dr. bishop will have for us in the second season, big hug from venezuela!

Anonymous said...

John, you are the king of Fringe and a wonderful actor. Happy belated birthday. I so love how you portray Walter Bishop. You give the character such emotional depth and humor. Bravo !!!

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