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Fringe Season 2 Premier Promo Trailer

      Email Post       8/18/2009 11:20:00 AM      

The promotional trailer for the Fringe Season 2 premier on September 17, 2009. Spoiler Warning - contains scenes from upcoming episodes!


Larvarela said...

Yes baby...the 2nd season will rock !!
Hope they can get a sinister figure to replace David Robert Jones

DocH said...

Promo Pics are ready to be picked-up - Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

Who is the person with their hand on the screen at the every end of the promo? They show up as the announcer finishes the word September at 29 seconds.

ICEMAN said...

From the nose nd lips- it appears to be a female- more specifically olivia- However i personnaly cannot see any EYEBROWS or HAIR- lyk the observer- u can see the lights shining of his/her bald head on the left upper side of the scalp if u pause it at 0:29

Anonymous said...

peter and Liv are so cute together, did u see the part when Peter has her in is hands? OMG! But hope the relationship doesn't appear too quickly...that would suck.
If u know what I mean

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