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Fringe Moving to Canada For Season 2

      Email Post       2/21/2009 06:07:00 PM      

Joshua Jackson in the The Mighty Ducks 3It's official - Warner Bros will be moving the Season 2 production of Fringe to Vancouver, Canada. The preemptive move was prompted by the possible lack of tax credits in NY, where Fringe is currently filmed.
Employees of the show had hoped Warner Brothers would at least wait to see if the tax credits were renewed. “We’re all fighting for our livelihood and nobody understands the rational,” said Beth Kushnick, set decorator on the show. “Why is there collateral damage when they don’t even have the word about the tax credit?”
The film industry is still fighting to get the program re-funded in NY's upcoming budget, expected to be announced April 1. Unfortunately it will be too late for the impatient WB, even though filming for Fringe season 1 is not due to wrap up until the end of April.

Also, it is important to note that FOX has not yet picked up the series for Season 2, and it is unclear if the move will affect the decision.

There's been no comment from Warner Bros yet as to the fallout of this decision, but as mentioned previously, it could mean hundreds of lost jobs.

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Anonymous said...

There was official word from WB. What are the chances of them going back on that decision? I read on Kirk Acevedo's Facebook that he wasn't happy.

Anonymous said...

SO bummed out, my friend works on "Fringe" and now there seems to be no chance of him continuing on to the 2nd season (tho Fox hasn't renewed the series yet -- bug Fox to renew, in any case!!).

Anyway, the NY TV and Film business is sorely hurting from the New York legislature's foot-dragging, they should have committed to extending the tax credits program by now. If they had, I believe "Fringe" would have stayed, it was the uncertainty of whether they would extend it that was the death knell for NY.

If anyone here hasn't signed the petition to bring back the NY/film tax credits, it would be very very very much appreciated if you would, it only takes a minute:

Thanks!! And "Fringe" is FTW, wherever it's filmed :-)

Anonymous said...

AS LONG AS IT DOESN'T DIE ITS ALL GOOD. It might not be to good to go to Vancouver with the Olympics next winter, might have some sort of interference with something or other, im sure they thought it out though

Anonymous said...

i dont care WHERE its filmed, as long as it is having a series 2, cos im selfish like that lol.
im practically dying now cos i have to wait til april, so if it stopped altogether i think i would sob.

Anonymous said...

Fringe is a refreshing program and I have enjoyed very much. I hope Fox does pick up season 2. Fox seems to pick up great programs then drop them. Common Fox don't nix a great program.

Capcom said...

New York and taxes....always a problem.

Anonymous said...

Look at this:

Anonymous said...

Look at this:

Anonymous said...

When's the Jared Harris itv. coming in?

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