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What Would You Ask: David Robert Jones?

      Email Post       2/05/2009 01:06:00 PM      

Later today, we will be interviewing Jared Harris, who plays David Robert Jones on Fringe.

The interview will be a one-on-one, so there should be opportunity for a lot of questions.

What would you ask David Jones?


Anonymous said...

Hope I'm not too late--

I'm sure you've already got a bunch of Fringe-related questions, here are a couple I'm curious about after checking out Jared Harris' IMDB page:

How did you get the nickname 'Hot Buns'?

How did you prepare to play Andy Warhol?


Anonymous said...

Who do you like working with on Fringe?

Anonymous said...

who is the gentleman who lives on little hill

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What happened at the end of 'AbilitY' to David Robert Jones?
Did he transform into to some kind of monster, get transport somewhere or simply disappeared?

Anonymous said...

I would ask Jared Harris whether he will release "Darkmoor" on DVD

-an old Duke dorm-mate

Anonymous said...

i would ask 'do you marry me?' lol :)

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