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Walter's Lab Notes: Fringe 113 - The Transformation

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Walter's Lab Notes from Fringe episode 113 - The Transformation
Walter's Lab Notes from the The Transformation include a photo of Marshall Bowman after he transformed, a vial of the reverse-mutator for Conrad's deadly virus, and a plumbing-inspired diagram of how the neural system works. The notes themselves are a long-winded analogy between a backed-up toilet, and John Scott's memories clogging Olivia brain.

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- Project 269 - Exploration 20 -

She comes to me one more time, demanding another dip in the tank — to commune with the dead man who lives on in her mind — to ask him more questions — to plumb his thoughts... Plumbing! How did I now see it?

The fluid in the reservoir maintains a constant level, even when small quantities of fluid are added, as the excess flows out of the siphon pipe. But! Forcing a larger volume of fluid (say 7.5 L) into the reservoir completely fills the pipe, at which point gravitational pull on the fluid in the pipe creates a suction that nearly empties the reservoir of its contents.

Crucial caveat: Any solids within the reservoir must be smaller than the diameter of the siphon pipe, or at least soft enough to squeeze through. Otherwise the solid matter may become stuck in the pipe. The the excess fluid accumulates in the reservoir, overflowing once its surface reaches the rim.

Likewise, Scott's consciousness has become lodged in the plumbing of Dunham's brain, interrupting the free flow of neural impulses. Additional thoughts, encountering the obstruction yet failing to dislodge it, accumulate in the reservoir of the mind. Overflow naturally results — and as homeowners know too well, the watery mess oft contains bits of the obstruction, unpleasant reminders of the past.

Restoration of function requires enough force to remove the blockage from the tube. A rubber bulb affixed to a rod can be of utmost assistance here, as proper positioning in the mouth of the siphon pipe creates a powerful suction. Like Poseidon's trident, whose watery bursts bring forth the tide. The two basic operations are PUSH and PULL. Forward thrusting of the rod PUSHES the obstruction toward the tail end of the pipe, while retraction of the rod PULLS the obstruction back toward the reservoir. Once the blockage breaks free, siphon action takes over — resulting, one hopes, in a satisfying flush.

The synaptic transfer system provides our metaphorical bulb on a rod: a means of PUSHING and PULLING the neural blockage to an fro in the theater of mind. With appropriate manipulation of the chemical formula, the suction should be powerful enough to overcome the neural friction. With luck, Dunham may at last achieve the purging she seeks.


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