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Exclusive: Alternate Ending For Ability

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FringeTelevision.com has an exclusive look at the final page of the script for the Fringe episode Ability. In the episode, Walter is silent after typing the "Y" in "Ability", but in the script, he poses the question "Why?" Either way, it's clear that the ZFT manuscript was typed on the same typewriter, but it is still unclear who actually typed it - Walter Bishop or his lab partner William Bell.

Want more? Head over to the Fringe Spoilers section for another exclusive - the title to Fringe Episode 117.


Anonymous said...

Any chance you can post the full script?
That would be *much* appreciated!!
And thanks a lot for your site: great!

Dennis said...

Unfortunately, I don't have the whole script, just the last page.

However, you can find complete Fringe transcripts over at Fringepedia.net

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply!
I love reading actual scripts.
For those of you interested, the script for the pilot episode (draft version) can be found here:
And again: great site! :)

tallone said...

Does anyone think that the raised y maybe referring to the male chromosone? I thought perhaps since genetic manipulation is on going theme on Fringe. Not sure how that works with the rest of this.

Anonymous said...

Walter wrote it.

See Walter's lab notes 114.

Here: http://www.fox.com/fringe/_media/recaps/walter/walter_114.jpg

Forget about what's written on the right side, just focus on the left and you will see that Walter wrote ZFT.

tallone said...

Ok thanks.

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