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Jasika Nicole at the Denver Comic Con-From My Perspective

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Jasika Nicole at the Denver Comic Con-From My Perspective
Friday, June 15th, 2012. 
Getting ready for Denver Comic Con. My packing list had everything I needed. 
I guess I should say that I consider myself a fairly mature person. But when it comes to Fringe, I'm like a kid in a candy store. 

It is 5 pm. 
We are standing in line to enter the exhibit hall for the 1st Comic Con in Denver, Colorado. 
This was my first Comic Con ever and Friday was a recon mission for Saturday. Jasika Nicole made a one day appearance and we wanted to make sure we would be able to get an autograph and be able to listen to the panel. Not knowing how many people to expect and even though having an autograph ticket is not a guarantee, we wanted to be in line early for both. 
Buying the tickets online is definitely the way to go. I know you pro’s already know this but this was my first so humor me, will you? 

Throughout we encountered attendees dressed up from some of my favorite movies and TV shows. And believe it or not some of them had a connection to Fringe. I’ll explain as I go.

Star Wars was one of the first we encountered. 
I still have to think of Walter in 4.19 Letters of Transit as he was trying to pull a Jedi Mind Trick on the Loyalist.
WALTER: “"These aren't the 'droids you're looking for."… "Move along."”

I was also thrilled to see Stargate SG1 fans there because before Fringe that’s what I would watch over and over. 
And this is where the fun begins. So many times in Fringe, I thought of SG1. 

John Noble was in SG1 9.20 Camelot.

Agent Edwards (JR Bourne) from 2.06 Earthing and 3.12 Concentrate And Ask Again was Martufone of my favorite characters on SG1. 
Canaan (Tim Guinee) from 4.17 Everything In Its Right Place was Tomin on SG1. 
When Olivia went into the tank in 3.05 Amber 31422, 
she reminded me of HathorThere was one scene in that episode of SG1 where Hathor climbed out of a tank, wore a similar gown and a tiara. 

Some of the concepts from SG1 also reminded me of Fringe or vice versa.
One that stands out is 3.19 LSD, trying to transfer Bell’s conscience into a computer.
That happened to Captain Carter on SG1 in 4.20 Entity 

Some of the other things we saw were Resident Evil 
and Dr. Who. I swear I had a picture of the Tardis but it disappeared. 

Oh, wait, here it is. 
And the Avengers. 

So back to our recon mission. The object was to find out where Jasika would sign autographs. Back in the corner we found the sections where everyone would be sitting.
After we found the area it was time to stand in line (again) to get the actually autograph ticket. All I had was a payment confirmation. 
This is the geek in me. I’m really glad I took a picture because they kept it. Hey, the instructions in the program said to "Geek out! Hard!" And by golly I was planning on doing that. 

After that we checked where the panel would be on Saturday as well and thus our recon mission was complete. First day of DCC was done!

Saturday, June 16th, 2012
9 am arriving at the parking garage. In typical Fringe manner we looked for the appropriate parking space. 
And I went all out.  
Then it was “standing in line again”. Fringie6989 and I and Gene stood in line for 45 minutes before we could enter the exhibit hall. 
But… as we stood in line Jasika walked by us going upstairs. We thought that there were specific times when the guests would sign autographs but decided as soon as we were in to check out the area already. We knew where the table was so once the doors opened we headed straight for that. Jasika and her helper set up the table. We waited a few minutes, almost hesitant to approach her but then we did. EEK!  We were first in line. EEK!
I purchased a Fringe print for her to sign
and a piece of her art to sign.
I was so nervous I really didn't know what to say. I did ask her if she had a word for fans on fringetelevision.com and she said she hopes we will enjoy S5 as much as we did S4. I know I will because S4 was my favorite so far. 

Then we left. But we went back so Fringie6989 could get a print as well. I then chatted with Jasika for a bit. Jasika sounds just like on the show. She is/was so sweet and down to earth. We talked about knitting. I told her I work at the library and every time I put knitting books away I think of her. She never sells her projects because it’s hard to put a price on it. I agreed. I cross stitch and feel the same way. She said it was nice to talk to someone who understands that. I also mentioned that I had been following her tumblr for a while. She wanted to know what my name is on there. I told her and she said she knew exactly who I was. Gulp, I hope that’s a good thing, lol.

We found a lonely table off to the side and admired our autographs for quite a while. I would have been totally happy just leaning at that table, watching as other people went up to talk with her. As a matter of fact (that’s how pathetic we were) we checked a few times to see if Jasika was well received. After all, right next to her were Colin Ferguson and James Marsters. But we didn’t have to worry.

Part one of our mission was complete.

As we made our way down to the panel room we came across an Observer.
He actually shaved his head for this occasion. He and the two of us were the only fans in Fringe paraphernalia who engaged in a conversation. I saw one other person in a Fringe Division t-shirt but he just shrugged his shoulders. 

It was now around 11:15 am. The next step was to get in line for her panel (forget about food).
We knew where we were going because we planned ahead. As soon as the panel before Jasika’s started we sat right by the door and did not move. 
We knew that VIP attendees had priority but right after they would be let in the room, it was our turn. 
Then it was time. 2nd row seats! 
I still couldn't believe I’m actually there just a few feet away. 
On the panel Jasika talked about her character, how she thought Astrid was going to be killed off in 1.04 The Arrival when Walter sedates her so he can steal the beacon. She was glad she wasn't and enjoyed her character expanding even to the other universe. The interviewers asked her about other cast members and Jasika said she’s very good friends with John Noble. Friday nights they would get together at his house and actually watch the show. Jasika spoke very highly of all her co-workers and even gave another impersonation of Lance Reddick. He is actually quite funny and not bad at impressions himself. During the conversation she brought up a scene from 2.04 Momentum Deferred  I believe, where she was chopping up worms for Olivia to drink to jog her memory.  In a jar on the table were leeches trying to escape. I always wondered what she chopped up to put in the blender and then Jasika said it was black pasta.
She shared that Anna is quite the teaser telling Jasika she stepped on a leech which of course she didn’t and also that the two of them have knitting and sewing parties. 
Although Jasika likes Horror movies some of the stuff on Fringe does scare her. In 2.18 The Man From The Other Side was one of those scenes. It was when they were trying to bring the shapeshifter embryo back to life.
There was lots of goo and even though she knew that there was a man under the table controlling the shapeshifter it was still creepy with the lights being out and Josh saying something like “this is cool” she just wanted to be done.  
Before the floor was open for questions the interviewer asked about her passion for art. Jasika said she had been drawing since she was a little girl. As a waitress, she would often find herself doodling on her order pads. She had hundreds of sketches. She likes the freedom of being in control and having sole power over her creations where as an actress she sometimes has to give that up; in a sense being the tool for the creative mind behind the screen, fitting the writer’s vision. She said that in 4.21 Brave New World Part 1 
when Astrid gets shot she actually had a line there but it was cut for that very reason. She just had to learn to relinquish. 

When Jasika was asked about S5 she said that SDCC is still a month away so whatever she can share DCC heard it first. Of course she couldn’t really say much because I don’t think she knows anything yet. Jasika thinks that S5 will take place a few years after S4 finale and end at 2036, which is interesting because John Noble said this in an interview (See the Fringe Spoilers article titled "Fringe Exclusive:" dated 06/19/12 by clicking here. Warning, the article contains spoilers!). So anyone’s guess is as good as any or in other words… the game is on.

When asked if we will see the alternate universe and September again she said it is more likely for September to return than the alternate universe.

As far as plans for after Fringe she didn’t really say except she would like to do a horror movie.

When asked what the overarching story of the show was she said love, the relationships not only between Olivia and Peter but even more the relationship between Walter and Peter and how they are connected and interwoven in the sci-fi part of Fringe.

That I think is all I can remember from this hour. After the panel was over we went upstairs for a smoothie, went back to the autograph table area and checked on her (I know but we felt protective and just wanted to make sure…). We went to one more panel with James Marsters and then left.

On the way out of the parking garage we had another Fringe moment.
The parking garage was set up sort of like the one in 2.07 Of Human Action.
On our way in and out that’s all we could think of. Creepy. As the Fringe songs played in the car and as we shared Red Vines we made our way back home. 

Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to go to SDCC, it being Fringe’s last panel and with the end of the show in mind, this weekend will always have a special place in my heart.

And just as much as this show is special, so are the fans. Fringe fans stick together like "goo". Fringe Honor is as high as Scouts Honor and Fringe fans are friends for life.
I agree withFringie6989 who said it far better than I ever could:

“The intricate web of relationships that have created the foundation of Fringe has crossed not only universes and timelines, but reality itself. As I've started to come to terms with saying goodbye to my favorite show, I've started reflecting on what Fringe has done in my life and I am proud to say that what started as a show that honestly freaked me out a little and then shifted into an obsessive need to dig deep into the mythology and very human struggles that the characters went through over these past 4 years, also brought me something unexpected: family. When I have seen the relationships in my day-to-day life crumble and break, I've also been privileged to see this "little family unit" known as the Fringe fandom soar to unimaginable heights in a shared devotion to something bigger than ourselves. The ever-fading idea that just one person can make a difference in the world has been at least slightly brought back to life as I've watched this fandom come together and speak up. We made a difference, guys. Is it going to change the world? Maybe not. But it's changed my world. And it's changed the world of television and the world of the cast and crew who didn't have the numbers that were needed, but they had the heart and isn't that what really matters? Jasika talked about how even if she doesn't get to work in sci-fi after Fringe, she knows now that the fans will follow her and the other cast wherever they may go because sci-fi fans are a special group of people. In no other genre are there groups of people more devoted, more passionate, and more loyal. And just coming back from Comic-Con, I can attest to that. The Fringe fandom is my family, but there were many families at Comic-Con. The Star Wars family, the Stargate family, the Avengers Family...it was like a family reunion! We may belong to different clans but we are all part of the bigger family of sci-fi and honestly, there is nowhere else I would rather be. Thank you for going on this journey with me, Fringies :)”


Zepp said...

Oh cortexifan, thank you for this his report of your visit to Denver Comic Con 2012. Even if I wanted, it would be very difficult for me to have gone there, for geographical reasons, but they transported me their stories, mentally speaking, for the atmosphere of this great event. I also frequently watch Stargate-SG1, Atlantis ... and all (several times), so far, Fringe seasons, no doubt. See Jasika Nicole "live", it must be something super Fringe, is not it? I did not know her character, the Astrid, would "die" in the 4th episode of 1st season! Must have been "saved" due to the charisma of an actress, who is quite eloquent, no doubt. The Jasika, besides being an actress with great sympathy, she demonstrates great competence in their performances, "drew" the character Astrid, as a person super useful contexts for the Fringe team. And the differentiation of Astrid doubling of characters, it does so with great mastery, since these are minor differences in the forms of expressions of each character. The Jasika Nicole an excellent actress, who now all we are admiring. Yes, it seems that the 5th season will be held in 2036 with atmospheric sounds, but even so, I think the Redverse, will somehow "come up" again. At least that is my desire.

cortexifan said...

Hi Zepp, always appreciate your comments.

"I did not know her character, the Astrid, would "die" in the 4th episode of 1st season!"

That's just what Jasika thought when she read the script :)

Briar said...

What a great report. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I hope there is another Astrid episode for Jasika to shine in before the end of the show. And I hope that if it does end in 2036, it's another future, because the Fringe team will have prevented the Germany in 1936 vision we got in 4.19!

SissySiri said...

Thank you for that fun report. Great reading and nice pictures. Lucky you to be able to attend.

Anonymous said...

ohhh what a great report! Oh how I wish I could go to SDCC. I am in California but couldn't get tickets. I am trying to win some. I still have hope. I am a Fringe till death and if I was there at the Denver show, I would have acknowledged any Fringe fan and talked to them. I have no face-to-face Fringe fan here in Stockton to talk about it with, so I am grateful for this site and all of you Fringe fans online! What an exciting trip, I would have done it just like you did with the Recon and all...metfan012

cortexifan said...

@Briar and SissySiri
thanks guys, glad I can share with you :)

glad you enjoyed it. I'm a Fringe fan for life too and will watch them over and over. DCC is going to happen again next year and depending on who's coming, I probably will be there, now that I know how it works.

Gaviota said...

Wonderful report! Thanks so much!
Nice to know that Jasika is as sweet as she appears to be! And that you enjoyed this event so much!

I am a bit sad though that she thinks the alt universe is unlikely to return :(, is that definite or maybe it's what she guesses now?
I love a lot those alt characters!!!

Anyway, this was a great read, thanks again!

Charlie La Greca said...

Great stuff. The I loved reading your take on the Comic Con experience...the packing list was hilarious, and especially loved the "We're all part of one bigger family." So true! thanks!

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