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The Fringe Podcast Summer Rewatch Episode 05

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In this episode of The Fringe Podcast we start our season 2 rewatch with "A New Day in the Old Town, " "Night of Desirable Objects," "Fracture," "Momentum Deferred," and "Dream Logic." This episode features community members Dana and Michelle and they provide some great insight on this batch of episodes. We discuss the role of the Observers and the upcoming war, the battle with the reverse, new insights we gained about the history of shapeshifters, and the stream of foreshadowing clues about Peter's mysterious past. Darrell will also chime in on whether or not "Night of Desirable Objects" was as bad this time as it was when he first saw it originally. You might be surprised by his answer! We also give our thoughts about the recent announcement that Executive Producer Jeff Pinkner has left the show.

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