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FRINGE - Fans Ask: Cortexiphan

      Email Post       6/15/2012 10:21:00 PM      

Even though it is another Fringe-less Friday on the tube, Fringe media master, Ari Margolis, has given us some great news.
He tweeted yesterday that there will be a new installment of his 'Fans Ask' video series every Friday through the end of August. Thanks for that, Ari!

This week Anna Torv, Lance Reddick, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, and Jasika Nicole comment on whether they would experiment with cortexiphan.


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Matthew M said...

Smart cast. They all answered intelligently and came to basically the same conclusions. I agree with them. Personally I'm holding out for Dr. Josef Reinstein's (Abraham Erskine) rediscovered serum formula with Vita Rays.

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