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Happy Birthday, Joshua Jackson

      Email Post       6/12/2012 12:22:00 AM      

I'm posting this a few minutes late in Eastern time, but it's still Joshua Jackson's birthday in his home town of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Happy Birthday to the man who plays our favorite door-kicking, raising-all things mechanical-back-to-life, dumb, smart guy.

From all of us here at Fringe Television, have a great day, Joshua. And thanks for joining us on Twitter a few months ago and sticking around!

You can wish Mr. Jackson a Happy Birthday on Twitter via @Vancity Jax.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, sir! Such a talented and great guy! I will miss him when Fringe ends, but I hope it's not for too long and he lands another role soon afterward. Love him!

Unknown said...

Happy b-day JJ, sincerely hope u have many more. Love u in Fringe and loved u n Dawson's Creek (blast from the past, lol). Great actor.

Marks of Faith said...

Happy Birthday indeed!

Zepp said...

Happy birthday Mr. Joshua Jackson! Congratulations for their outstanding performances at Fringe.

G said...

Another year has come and gone! Happy Birthday Josh!!!

SissySiri said...

Best Wishes for a Happy Birthday!

We will miss you when Fringe ends, you can be sure of that.
We hope to see you again in no time flat.
You are such a great actor, of that there’s no doubt.
So keep us informed of your whereabouts.

Rinna Rivera said...

Happy birthday Mr. Joshua Jackson... Wish you good health and happiness! Hope to see you again with Olivia... you two look great together, love your characters! I've been a fringe fan from the beginning....

45 said...

UNFREAKINGBELIVABLE!!!!! Josh only gets 7 posts while Anna gets 13 posts? Does josh need to play a double for you people to give a crap about him???????

SissySiri said...

You are right 45 . . . I think Joshua is a wonderful actor and I don’t know too much about his life off camera, but he appears to me anyway to be a gentleman. All of his scenes with Orla Brady and John Noble have been wonderful and/or touching and of course the chemistry with Anna. Obviously, he is able to carry a serious topic and he can switch to comic elements seamlessly.
I just love the guy!

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