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Happy Birthday AnnaTorv!

      Email Post       6/15/2012 09:57:00 PM      

Althought some sites are reporting that today is definitely the beautiful Anna Torv's birthday, no one can confirm this except Anna herself, and she has not. But the stunning actress has admitted previously that her birthday is in June.

Last year on this date, Wikipedia had her birthdate as June 7th, while the imdb site had it as June 15th.
So we posted a birthday wish on June 15th and we'll post this year's wish today also.

Anna, you are awesome, and we thank you for all the many shades of Olivia Dunham you play. Regardless which day in June is your actual birthdate all of us here at Fringe Television hope you have a very special day!


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why Anna won't share her birthday?


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Michelle that is not true, for one Anna has NO twitter account, two April 15 was the date that the episode of Fringe called the Cure had Olivia's Birthday on.And if in deed what you said is true then where did you get this bit of info from? Until I hear it from her myself from her lips on video or in a magazine that can be believed I am not going to believe that story. Especially sense there are very few things a person can get in trouble for where the statutes of limitation would last 15 or more years, I mean what did she do rob a bank or maybe or rape someone? Give me break! And sense she is from Australia things are allot different, and they tend to be less strict there too! Then the third and finally thing is if she is Hiding from the law, one she wouldn't want to be famous, two, if she did she wouldn't talk at all about what you are claiming, so it makes NO sense at all! Clara

SissySiri said...

Now there is a prime example of how dangerous the internet can be. It is a two-edged sword, it can help people and it can be a source of vicious rumors. Why would someone even write about something like that on a site devoted to people who love Fringe, and the people involved in the show? Disgusting.

BTW - Happy Birthday Anna!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Anna.:)

Scott said...

happy belated wishes miss Torv

Mallory said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA!!! I have to admit ever since seeing you act on fringe, you are the best actress I have seen on television!!! Please do more after fringe :)

panda said...

Happy Birthday Anna, you are awesome. :)

Zepp said...

Happy Birthday Miss Anna Torv! And, as a birthday gift and a recognition of his fantastic work on Fringe, I desire that you have an Emmy nomination!

cortexifan said...

Happy Birthday Anna. Wishing you all the best for the future!

CrystalRose said...

Well, I don't know what's true or what's not true. But I heard that Anna's birthday was April 15th. The same day that my mother's birthday is. Maybe Anna just wants to protect herself or something. I don't know. I mean, everyone needs a bit of privacy sometimes. One way or another, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA!!!

cortexifan said...

This is where Anna says her Birthday is in June

G said...

Well... whenever your birthday is; Happy Birthday, Anna!!! Another year has come and gone! Time flies, doesn't it? I have to mention that I am just baffled by your talent!! :) Enjoy your life because I have high hopes for you!

Anonymous said...

I need to retract my previous rant. Anna does have a twitter account, she just chooses to keep it private. As for the difficulties in australia, I found the article that explains the differences in her reported birthdates. It was in the Benowa newspaper. plz disregard my ignorance on this matter!

RJ said...

@Mindy Johnson -- lol! That's what I thought too, and that's also my mom's bday!

Anonymous said...

Anna Torv said herself in a Fringe: Fans ask video that she neither has a twitter nor a facebook account.

Anonymous said...

I never wrote this comment(June 20, 2012 9:59 AM).
It wasn't me. Clara

Anonymous said...

Anna Torv , best wishes.

A birthday is there to be celebrated with family and friends, so Anna has every right to not make a fuzz about it.
She is an actress, and never wanted to be a star.

To Clara june 21, it looks like the deleted poster is using you.

Anna Torv does not have a twitter account, nor facebook, one of the reasons being people like imposterClara
(never heard of a passport? or how do you think Anna travels around the world, as Olivia Dunham?)

Another Anna being the intelligent woman who clearly thinks that a lot of the attention she gets is because of her being in Fringe, as Olivia Dunham.

Those who admire Anna Torv for her acting, will keep following her, and respect her privacy.


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