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FRINGE - Fans Ask: Season 4 (Part 2)

      Email Post       6/15/2012 10:12:00 PM      

Here's Part 2 of Ari Margolis' 'Fans Ask' video series in which Anna Torv,Lance Reddick,and Jasika Nicole discuss their favorite scene to film for their characters in Season 4.


Anonymous said...

I can completely understand why Anna Torv has those scenes, AltLivia with Walter, as her favourites.
I also loved AltLivia in 4.17.

Olivia was sacrificed for Peter and Walter and Lincoln.

Olivia being first Amber without really doing anything with the character, and than with Cortexaphan changing in Blue, was all very difficult to act, but also very ungreatful, as she had te destroy a character she just created, for the sake of the Blue Olivia of second half of season 3,
which is the Olivia that was reduced to Peters girlfriend, not the BAMF original one.

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