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Fringe Episode 209: Snakehead

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After a cargo ship runs aground, the shoreline becomes littered with bodies hosting a giant squid-like creature. The Fringe team descends upon the scene to examine the bodies and discovers that the mysterious organisms are actually giant parasites. As the investigation unfolds, Walter heads back to the lab while Olivia, Peter and Broyles race against time when they realize the case has ties to a threatening organization.

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Fox said...

Wow, 2 dozen illegal aliens get treated at a Boston hospital for free . They then receive political assylum? Could the producers of the show be more obvious? Can we make fictional characters obey the law? It's bad enough the U.S. absorbs thousands of illegals every year in real life. We don't need some fictional show telling us it's ok.

what? said...

Hong Kong doesn't have those gangs anymore. It was like 50 years before. And I have never seen that butterfly toy in my life before, which could not be something that is from Hong Kong. This episode is based on some weird ideas people think of Hong Kong (or the Chinese in general). It is a joke to look at for people like me who was raised in Hong Kong.

XweAponX said...

The Guy over at the Observer said:

"Took me a second run through, but I spotted that Peeping Tom crossing the street in Chinatown as the Yakuzi..."

Er, WRONG. YAKUZI refers to a member of the JAPANESE Mob. The CHINESE equivalent is the TRIAD, referred as such in the spisode. So, it would NOT be a "Yakuzi" - It would be a "Triadi"?

XweAponX said...

Oh Yah:

"Can we make fictional characters obey the law?"

If they did this most unrealistic thing, then they would a most boring ep. also, your assessment that there are no more Triad gangs is wrong, I know people in HK.

XweAponX said...

I just realised another thing - The Triad members are NOT in HK, they are in "Chinatown" in Boston. Ergo, not a valid complaint about "no more triad gangs in HK" as this ep is not disCUSSING Triad gangs in HK. Also, I would rather see two boatloads of illegal Chinee immigrants be given political asylum then they be shipped back to China like they ought to be. Anyway, this ep is NOT about Honk King or China or Chinee immigrants in any way, shape or form, it is about someone abusing ancient chinese medicine and perverting it, killing two boatloads of people for the express benefit of only 6 Rich US Citizens. So, quit makin it about you, cos it Aint about you - Enjoy the ep for what it IS, not for what it AIN'T

Anonymous said...

OK people, enough political talk. Could care less. How about instead a shout out to John Noble. He rocked. A touching performance in this ep.

Elif said...

How about INSTEAD OF DOWNING THE EPISODE, TAKE IT AS IT IS SEEING AS THAT THEY ARE NOT GOING TO CHANGE IT. No need to be brutal, haha. And I don't care if they missed a thing or two, all I know is that I have never had an episode from ANY show make me cry before. The actor for Walter is VERY good and plays his role wonderfully. Keep it up (:

Elliiot said...

My favorite episode this year! Walter & Peter keep getting better & better, Astrid really out of the lab, plus finally letting Peter strut his stuff and be an equal partner to Olivia. More of that, please!

amcorrea said...

A very moving ep...had tears in my eyes for two different scenes.

There may have not been much in the way of mythology development, but there were huge amounts of *character* development...and finally seeing Walter's care for Astrid was incredible.

John Noble and Jasika Nicole *made* this episode.

Anonymous said...

I agree Walter and Astrid rocked in this ep. Don't really like Peter being all gungho though. His past shows a person who is very opportunistic, I don't feel they have shown us enough to make me believe that now he would care about anyone but himself. I want him to but I just don't think they developed that well. But Walters character and John's portrayal is awesome!

Evan5162 said...

I found the code for this episode, it might be HIDDEN because the people on the cargo ship were HIDDEN. I say it MIGHT be HIDDEN because i missed the first symbol.

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