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Fringe Hidden Elements Game

      Email Post       12/16/2009 01:45:00 PM      

The FOX website has a new Fringe Hidden Elements game. Find the hidden Fringe glyphs in the season two poster, and you can unlock up to eight Fringe wallpapers.

You can find other official Fringe wallpapers and Fringe posters at


Gonz said...

I can´t find the damn toad!!!

Anonymous said...

Toad/Frog is half way up the tree on the left side, just below a major branch intersection - blends into the dark bark.

Wallpapers are interesting. Olivia splashing through the event horizon... the water behind her has four glyphs that I can see, maybe more.

Anonymous said...

toad - left side of the tree on the right side of the picture, that is... next to Olivia's left ear.

Unknown said...

I found two apples, neither work. Any help?

Unknown said...

Never mind found it, it's next to Peter. So there is a bunch of other signs in the poster, I wish they actually did anything when you clicked them. I was expecting extra hidden stuff.

Hayden said...

Holy hell I feel stupid, I spent so much time trying to find them all cuz they were so small and here I could zoom the whole time XD
I found them all but the frog until I zoomed :3

Cozzy said...

I cant find anything. Is it me?

Cyprus web design said...

This game is the best!!

Anonymous said...

its in the tree just to the right of olivias head zoom +5

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