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Fringe Episode 210: Grey Matters

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A Fringe investigation is triggered when a patient at a mental institution undergoes an impromptu brain surgery that unexpectedly leaves his brain exposed. Despite the unthinkable circumstances, the patient’s condition and sanity miraculously improves before the Fringe team arrives. While Agent Dunham and Peter scan surveillance tapes (and Walter enjoys his pudding), Olivia recognizes a familiar face as Thomas Jerome Newton, the leader of the "shape-shifters." As similar cases stack up, the Fringe team heads back to the lab to determine exactly how patients are being cured. Walter’s brains are put to the test and William Bell resurfaces.

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Chris said...

In the very beginning of the episode did you notice the SUV Olivia was driving, the license plate read 1C3pO1... c3po? star wars. Might be nothing.

munson said...

Did anyone else notice the personality change when Walter was reconnected to the three missing parts?

Anonymous said...

when is the next new episode?

Anonymous said...

FBI seems really slow to respond to anything. I guess they want to mimic the real world...

unclear said...

***Spoiler Alert***

I don't know if this has been mentioned anywhere before, but before this episode, I had always thought our world Walter had taken the other world Peter as a replacement... After this episode, I'm beginning to think the other world Walter came here and replaced the Walter in our world to be with Peter... if that makes sense.

I love the episodes that go into Walter and Peter's history. What do you guys think?

JR said...

Gordon Stuart's photo, on his patient file, looked very similar to Pinkner's photo. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

munson: I totally noticed the personality change too. He got all focuseda and confident (perhaps even arrogant) all of a sudden. It was like a light switch turning on and off. John Noble rocks. :)

Kevin: Interesting theory. I still think that "our world" Walter stole "other world" Peter.


Awesome episode!! I missed the first 10min because my friends wanted to get dessert. LOL. Did I miss much? Did they say how Newton found out where Bell had hidden Walter's memories/brain pieces??

Dear Anna Torv,
You rock. Your character, Olivia Dunham, rocks as well. Love how she took down the driver and gunman in this episode. Stinky Newton got away though but it wasn't your fault. LOL.


Rebecca said...

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I thought the first fifteen or so minutes were kind of boring. It was like, "ooo brain!!" and then zzzzzzzzzzz. It probably had something to do with the actress cast as that doctor. She wasn't very engaging. Plus, I was just waiting for the action to start!

Other than that, this episode was right on cool. And I'm glad it didn't end on a big cliffhanger, because yes, while I will be rocking back and forth eagerly awaiting a new episode, it won't be as bad.

Anonymous said...

@ Kevin - " After this episode, I'm beginning to think the other world Walter came here and replaced the Walter in our world to be with Peter... if that makes sense."

Impossible. We saw Walter visit Peter's grave in our world. We know he hasn't crossed worlds since the show started, so Peter had to have died in our world, and the replacement Peter had to come from the other world. Walter is from our world.

CB said...

@ Rebecca: "And I'm glad it didn't end on a big cliffhanger, because yes, while I will be rocking back and forth eagerly awaiting a new episode, it won't be as bad."

Totally!! I can't believe we have to wait until Jan 7th for the next new epi. *whines and mopes about* :(

And poor Walter. No wonder he's so absent-minded, walking around with pieces of his brain missing!!! LOL. I wonder if they're going to touch on Olivia's "abilities" again. So does anyone sit there with a printout of the glyph code to interpret the word for the episode? I think I'll do that for the next one (sooo far away LOL), but I won't be able to help feeling like a little kid with a decoder ring!! Hahaha. This show is sooo cool!! :)

Anonymous said...

I was intrigued by how friendly and polite these "shape shifters" were, they didn't need to repair the brains after they removed Walter's pieces, they could have just killed the subjects. And they showed concern for Walter as well as the current homeowners of Walter's former home, all who could have just as easily been killed off.

I'm beginning to give thought to the possibility that the shape-shifters may NOT be the "bad" guys after all and that perhaps it is "Belly" who is the bad guy. I am no longer assuming that what he said to Olivia in the other world was truthful, but rather may have been self-serving instead.

I LOVE this show!!!

Walter's Girl Chris said...

Hi All - OK, I too think it's obvious 'this world Walter' took 'other world Peter' back to here after 'this world Peter' died, but then what on earth must have happened to 'other world Walter'?? And what do you guys think is the 'deal' Walter has with the 'Watcher' (mentioned in last weeks episode)???

(Peter ain't too shabby either :))))

Joey said...

Here’s something really interesting…

David Robert Jones and Thomas Jerome Newton

So, let’s look at what the Season 1 villian and the Season 2 villian have in common.

Triple Names – Both are referred to with their first, middle and last names.

The Gate – Both want(ed) to open a door to the otherverse.

David Bowie – DRJ is DB’s real name and DB played a character called TJN in the 1976 sci-fi The Man Who Fell to Earth.

ilgio said...

Hi everyone, I’m new. Usually I do not comment episode, but after this one I started thinking “crazy” and I wanted to know what you think.
As of now, these are the things that we know:
- Massive dynamics is a creature of William Bell
- Peter Bishop is dead and Walter open a portal in another dimension for taking another Peter.
- Today we know that the other dimension is not so well.
- People from the other dimension are trying to open the portal for entering in “our dimension”
- W. Bishop e W. Bell made some experiments on children in the past for finding a leader.
- When two world collide one of them will be destroid.
After all these information I started thinking: what if we are all wrong?
What if “things are not what we believe”?
As of today I had always thought that Walter was a victim and William was some sort of bad guy and that with his company he made everything he want. What if this is not the truth?
We know for certain that at some point Peter died, but we do not know why or how or when. After that we know that Walter find a way to open a door to another dimension and kindnapped “the Peter” there and take it with him. What if his action started all? What if his action started the ruin in the other dimension and some people started to find some way o some explanation for solving the situation? What if they thought that the action of Walter was something that precede a “first wave” of invasion and decided to act first? What if Bell had to remedy to Bishop’s action and started using Massive dymamics?
Last thought: what if Massive dynamics was created by Bishop and Bell had taken over because the experiments of Bishop were too dangerous?
Ok, I know my English is not perfect, but it is not my first language

Walter's Girl Chris said...

Hi Ilgio! Your English is terrific! I agree with you on all these points. However, Walter does keep mentioning that Peter died when he was a child. I just don't know if Peter died from an illness (as Walter states), or when Walter and Peter "fell through the ice" together and was saved by the "watcher"?? I'm dying to know what the 'deal' is that Walter made with the Watcher?

Walter mentioned that Massive Dynamic had been invented by W. Bell, even though he and Bell "wanted to start a business together"... but I think you are correct that Walter's invention of the Dimensional Portal has caused all these weird occurences. I still believe W. Bell will turn out to be the other 'good guy', (like Walter & Olivia), but I'm intrigued to find out why on earth these Shape-Shifters would want to destroy our dimension, especially when they can see what has happened in theirs (i.e., in this episode, Newton, their leader said the trees & grass had all died)...


Walter's Girl Chris said...

Hi Kevin - BTW - I don't know if Walter can be the "other world Walter" since the woman in his experiment can see an aura around people from the other side, and she only saw it on Peter, remember?

Very intriguing to try to figure out what did happen to the other dimensional Walter....also, what is other dimensional William Bell up to since our William Bell is hanging out over there.....


CarriePotter said...

Hi folks. Loving this show - the mind boggles! Have hundreds of ideas flying around my head and here's the latest... William Bell has been on the other side for a very long time and somehow cannot come back. What if the William Bell that Nina communicates with and who Olivia met with is not our Bell. What if he's he alter Bell, who wants the technology to do what our Walter did. Bell's been gone so long and has no direct contact with Nina, who's to say it's still him...

CarriePotter said...

Ooh and the other obvious awful thought. We saw Bell in the alter universe in the twin towers. The stunning view of New York as the camera pulled back showed a pretty healthy normal NY. However, in this episode, Newton told Walter that things are bad and that the trees and the grass have died. "There's more than one of everything" and surely for every decision that has numerous outcomes, theres a universe where each outcome transpired - therefore many universes. What if Bell is in a second universe but that Walter took Peter from a third. Bell leaving our universe hasn't had any obvious effects on us that we know about. But what if alter Peter being taken from his has had detrimental effects on it that can only be corrected by returning him. What if alter Peter's universe are simply trying to get the technology to open a safe portal to take alter Peter back and save their world? Otherwise, if it's just one alter universe and the planet is dying, why isn't Bell making an attempt to get outta there and come back here?

CarriePotter said...

Sorry to keep on, but can anyone see any cute connection with William Bell's alias "Dr. Simon Paris"? It's Fringe - there has to be some relevance to the choice of name!

Anonymous said...

I kind of agree with ilgio's idea.
You can see the evil version of Walter surface when he was hooked back up to his missing gray matter and I think that 6 visits by Jerome Newton are to figure out what was missing from Walter's head rather than taking things out. Because Walter already got mental before TJN visit him.

CB said...

Dear blog owner,

If it's not too much trouble can you please change the comments to not be a pop-up? Otherwise, I can't comment using my mobile device. If it's too much trouble or you have better reasons to keep it as it is, then I understand. Thanks anyway! :)

CB said...

So many interesting theories and things to think about!! I love shows that give you stuff to chew on/ponder - even after the episode has aired. !! ♥ :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Fringe Fans!! Be safe, don't drink and drive!! :) May the new year bring us more consistent Fringe scheduling!! LOL. :)

ignacio rada said...

Well no offense this show used to be better when it was getting shot in NYC now you can see that production is all about saving money there is not interaction with other characters besides the ones in the main story.It is just funny that since they are gone from NYC the show looks fake.While Olivia was with peter driving in the SUV you can tell that they are in a studio.The few extras that you show they look fake and over acted,Now you can see what happens when a production company it is just cheap.Everything comes with the territory.You tried to be cheap or not to give lines to extras like the one sitting on the office afer OLIVIA asked him to moved out of the room for privacy he should of replied.It is just patetic a normal person would of reply.Because of all this this show has low raytings now.Do not blame the people they work on it .Blame the production company who does not get it specially the person in charge that you can see that he or she would not care what he or she has to do as long as she reduces the over all expences.Well you have succeed on that however you killed this show congrats.Sincerely Ignacio Rada background actor from season 2 FRINGE

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