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Tonight On Fringe: Snakehead

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Happy Fringeday! It's time for another LIVE Fringe chat from 9:00 PM to 12:00 PM ET, if you want to talk with other Fringe fans during or after the show.

To join the chat, visit the Fringe chat room, enter your name or a nickname, and join the fun! (please don't use the default mib_xxxxx nickname!)

To discuss this or any other Fringe episode, head over to the Fringe Episodes section!

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XweAponX said...

The guy at The Observer said:

"Took me a second run through, but I spotted that Peeping Tom crossing the street in Chinatown as the Yakuzi..."

Er, WRONG. YAKUZI refers to a member of the JAPANESE Mob. The CHINESE equivalent is the TRIAD, referred as such in the spisode. So, it would NOT be a "Yakuzi" - It would be a "Triadi"?

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