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Fringe Softcover Comic Book

      Email Post       12/16/2009 03:48:00 PM      

DC Comics / Wildstorm released a softcover book of all the Fringe comics released so far. The Wildstorm website shows today as the release date, but Amazon shows it coming out on December 22. So, give your local comic book store a call before you head down there - this wouldn't be the first time a Fringe comic has been delayed.

Here is the official description for the Wildstorm website:

Written by Mike Johnson, Alex Katsnelson, Matthew Pitts, Danielle DiSpaltro and Kim Cavyan; Art by Tom Mandrake and Simon Coleby

The hit show from J.J. Abrams comes to comics in this collection of the 6-issue miniseries! FBI Agent Olivia Dunham, brilliant scientist Walter Bishop and his estranged son Peter investigate the world of "fringe science" (telepathy, time travel, etc.) following suspicions that the large scientific research company, Massive Dynamic, is experimenting on the general public.
  • Wildstorm
  • 144pg.
  • Color
  • Softcover
  • $19.99 US


fringeobsessed said...

You are absolutely correct, Dennis, Barnes&Noble told me in late November that the release date had been pushed back to 12/22.

Count Screwloose said...

I picked mine up today at my local comic shop. Sometimes Amazon and non-comic outlets are a week behind.

John Joyce said...

comic book stores always get trade paperbacks or hardcovers a week before amazon and barnes and noble do, although it is cheaper on amazon

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