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Happy Birthday, JJ Abrams!

      Email Post       6/27/2009 03:10:00 PM      

The King of All Media turns 43 today, so let's all take a moment and reflect on how little we'll have accomplished in comparison by the time we're that age (or alternatively, how little we had when we did). Here's to at least another four or five decades of stellar entertainment from the mind of JJ Abrams!

UPDATE: Here's JJ at the MTV Movie Awards:


Chris Milroy said...

Wikipedia has him at 43, not 33. Is that incorrect?

Adam Morgan said...

Oops! Thanks for catching my typo.

tallone said...

I had friends who saw Star Trek and never saw Lost or Fringe and were very very impressed. Happy Birthday! He's one brillant man. He certainly can entertain and engage the audience.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, J.J.
Don't stop the wonderful work. =D

geewits said...

Loved the clip. We laughed and laughed.

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