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What Would You Ask: the Visual FX Guys?

      Email Post       6/06/2009 05:29:00 PM      

The first season of Fringe set a new benchmark for visual effects on television. Some of my personal favorites include Porcuman, Rufus II, and the razor-winged butterflies in The Dreamscape. Most feature films don't have effects as good as Fringe!

In celebration of their hard work, FringeTelevision will be doing an exclusive interview with a couple members of the Fringe visual effects team. So give me some great questions!


snicketsfile said...

Only thing I'd be curious is what their favorite effect to make was, along with what the most challenging one.

Fringe Freak said...

How do they figure out how to do all those crazy effects?

ICEMAN said...

definetly what snicketsfile said.. wanna know there most challenging, as well as the most fun

even though the hardest one is probably the funnest as well :P

Jude said...
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Jude said...

I'd like to know on average how much time they get given to work on the effects for an episode. And how does TV effects work compare to working on film? (if any of them have)

Guy said...

Some of the questions suggested here have already been answered here:


snicketsfile said...

Thanks for that link, Guy.

((Sorry for the double post))
I'm also curious on how big their team is that work on the effects for Fringe...

Darsh said...

Does the FX team ever get the chance to chime in on the scene and influence the script, adding details? It would be awesome for me, as an FX man, to be able to affect the story. I doubt it, but it would be cool.

fringeobsessed said...

I am curious how much freedom the Visual FX guys have-do the executive producers give them a step-by-step description of exactly what they want or do they give them a general idea and then the FX guys elaborate on it?

Anonymous said...

Do you guys ever day " hey I think we can do this cool thing" do the writers?

DocH said...

What would I ask them?... What wouldn't I ask them?

Okay - #1 - motivation. Where do you draw from? I swear Bowman blasting-out of the VertusAir 718 lav at the beginning of The Transformation is a tribute to - Taz - the Tasmanian Devil from (WB) Looney Tunes. aka a good thing.

#2 - Where will (do) you draw the line on 'how graphic' you will get? The heart parasites are my (vomit) limit. I know drawing/quartering folks are verboten... but the soccer/Jones bisection seems to be at the edge. Not a prob since we didn't see the other bloody halves/quarters.

#3 - What would you like to do that hasn't been done yet? (or as well as could have been).

sebimeyer said...

In "The Road Not Taken" Olivia has some scenes in which she flashes over to another reality. In the one where she sees burning buildings a grafitti also appears on the side of the building that reads "He is here."

This seems to be a clue to what is going on in the other reality. Are there more things like that hidden in this or other episodes? If so, any hints?

Anonymous said...

As a graduate student in computer animation, I'm more interested in the technical aspects, like what program do you use for the CG like Rufus II? How much time do you usually get to complete something like that?

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