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Fringe Starts Shooting Season 2 Today

      Email Post       6/24/2009 12:41:00 PM      

After not-much-of-a-hiatus for the cast (and a virtually nonexistant one for the writers), Fringe starts shooting its highly-anticipated second season in "Hollywood North" (Vancouver) today, June 24th.

Since production moved across the continent from New York over the summer, much of the on-location crew will be new this season. To welcome all the new blood (no pun intended), JJ Abrams himself sent out the following letter, which we received from our inside source. Exclusive: Welcome To Fringe Season 2 by JJ Abrams


Anonymous said...

Gotta love JJ. =P

Anonymous said...

I wish them the Cast and the Crew all the best. May Fringe EnJoy the same good fortune that has covered other television shows that have been produced in Vancouver. May the past be a corner stone that the present can build on to remember in the future.

Anonymous said...

I hear Acevedo was on the set.

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