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Happy Birthday Josh!

      Email Post       6/11/2009 03:38:00 PM      

Everyone's favorite bad boy Joshua Jackson turns 31 today, though I'm sure the man could pass for 25 if he ever needed to, and that's a compliment. Josh might be the happiest Fringy of all regarding the move to Vancouver on June 24th, since it's where he was born and went to high school.

Happy Birthday Josh!

Did you know...Josh was on the shortlist to play Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins?


Anonymous said...

Hapy birthday! ^^

Anonymous said...

happy birthday peter!

ICEMAN said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Same with the other Peters, in the other dimensions!! :P

tallone said...

Yeah...another year...happy birthday. Peter too or two?

Anonymous said...

Did they start shooting the 2 season??

daimond said...

well, happy birthday JJ. hmm i expected the Peter Bhisop would be a bit sexy in next season 2. Almost in season 1 the Peter Bhisop almost full clothed ( well maybe JJ would entertaint his fans a bit in season 2 [ i not asked totaly naked but maybe a topless body])

Anonymous said...

man dued u look like ur 28 but ur old just like my mom shes 31 and she looks like shes 18

happy B-DAY

Gallo Glasses said...

im sure this guy wishes you a happy b-day!!!


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