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Directors Named For Season 2's First Six Eps

      Email Post       6/22/2009 09:10:00 PM      

Our exclusive source on Fringe just named the upcoming directors for episodes 2.01 through 2.06, including some very high-profile names.

2.01 - Akiva Goldsman
Best-known as the Academy Award-winning screenwriter for A Beautiful Mind, Goldsman's other writing credits include The Da Vinci Code and I Am Legend. On Fringe, he wrote and directed Bad Dreams, as well as contributing to the scripts for The Road Not Taken and There's More Than One of Everything.
Anderson found industry acclaim in 2004 with The Machinist, starring an emaciated Christian Bale; he directed four episodes of Fringe last season.
Spicer's directed eps on all four major networks, including Castle, Bones, 24, CSI, House, Dark Angel, and The X-Files.
Chapelle was a longstanding director and producer on The Wire and CSI: Miami.
A Lost vet who directed two Fringe eps last season, along with gigs on Pushing Daisies and Battlestar Galactica.
2.06 - Jon Cassar
Cassar's directed and produced over fifty episodes of 24, as well as fourteen eps of the cult classic La Femme Nikita.

And don't forget, shooting for Season 2 of Fringe starts this Wednesday, June 24 in Vancouver.


DocH said...

Anderson directed -

In Which We Meet Mr. Jones (1.07),
The Transformation (1.13),
Unleashed (1.16) and
There's More Than One of Everything (1.20)

Edwards directed -

The Same Old Story (1.02) and
The Arrival (1.04).

Rew12 said...

Anderson also wrote and directed the film Transsiberian.

Anonymous said...

Sounds lyk a couple of solid directors in their that would be amazing for FRINGE- escepcially John Cassar and Akiva Goldsman.

Andrew said...

Holy crap, Jon Cassar! Hell yeah!
He was part of 24 for forever, and he had a huge hand in the show. He directed some of the best episodes, and having him on Fringe makes me that much more excited for the new season!

Anonymous said...

hm.... six eps wirth of directors announced.... six glyphs yet to be "yellowed" at that thereismore site. Coincidence?

Gil_cdn said...

Yeah, loved all the Akiva Goldsman's episodes last season, ep.2.01 should be a great continuation of Olivia meeting William Bell in the Twin Towers.

And Jon Cassar, can't say enough about Jon, love his work ever since LFN!

Looks like we are in for another GREAT season!

Anonymous said...

Luke Goss will be in a few episode cannot wait for that!!!

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