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Fringe Stars Will Appear on "Almost Human"

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IGN has a interview with Fringe executive producer Joel Wyman about his new show "Almost Human". Wyman promises that Fringe actors will appear on the new J.J. Abrams show:
I can guarantee you that we’re going to see Fringe actors. I miss all of them so much, and we’ve been keeping in touch. Anything I can do -- it’s just got to be worthy of them, because they’re all in my heart. I want to write them great stuff and make sure they come out with a big bang.
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Are you planning on watching "Almost Human"?


Zepp said...

Almost Human have, I think, a certain atmosphere of Fringe. The colors, settings in the future, the camera moves, the characters, the Photography...? I do not know ... What I know is that I'm liking what I'm seeing these promotional clips, and no doubt I'll watch with intensity, this new show on FOX, Almost Human.

milostanfield said...

Yeah, I'll watch, although it looks a bit testosterone heavy for my taste, though that feeling is based on a trailer, which always values action over subtlety. But hey, it's Joel and J.J., so I WILL watch. Just started streaming Felicity, not the kind of show I normally watch, but it's J.J.'s first writer/producer credit, and the first two episodes are hilarious and touching. Loving it so far.

b1u8hy said...

I love felicity! But I didn't know JJ was part of that!

b1u8hy said...

I love felicity! But I didn't know JJ was part of that!

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