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Fringe at the 39th Annual Saturn Awards

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On June 26th, 2013 The Academy of Science Fiction Fantasy & Horror Films held the 39th Annual Saturn Awards.
I was reading through the history of the Saturn Awards and at one point they were actually broadcast. It's too bad they have not done that in a while. It was so worth it being in the ballroom and watching the whole ceremony. 

The award ceremony was held at the Castaway in Burbank, California.
This was my first time in L.A. so I did a re-con mission on Tuesday to figure out how to drive there and what it would look like. You can tell that Fringe is present everywhere. Notice the name of the golf course, lol. 
The area is beautiful and the view is spectacular even on a hazy day.
And this is where the ceremony was held (still in the set-up stage)

In its last year for eligibility Fringe was nominated in 6 categories:
-Best Network Television
-Best Actor: Josh Jackson
-Best Actress: Anna Torv
-Best Supporting Actor: John Noble
-Best Guest Starring Role in a Series: Blair Brown and Lance Reddick

Here is the complete list of nominees. 

The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Film has been good to Fringe in the past 5 years with numerous nominations and respectable wins. You can see them here. (John Noble also won in 2011 for Best Supporting Actor)

Anxiously waiting in the Red Carpet area to see who would come down.
I was to the right of this at the very end and once everyone showed up, it got crowded. I was able to take only a few photos. 
Although J.J. Abrams wasn't there, Star Wars was still present.
Lexa Doig
Noah Wyle
John Savage
John guest starred on Fringe in 2.02 Night Of Desirable Objects. He played Andre Hughes.
Q: How was it working on the show?

John: "It was so cool. It was very good and very sort of mysterious. I liked the idea of probing into the mysteries of the people, things that might be going on and giving them a little bit more of a respect rather than fear. I thought that was interesting the way they did that."

Next up was Lance Reddick
Q:What was one of the scariest episodes that you did and did it have any impact on your personal life?

Lance: "That's a tough one. I can't think of a scariest episode. I can only think of a poignant moment for me. It  was after the last season. And it was when Broyles reunited with team and the first time he sees Olivia."
5.04 The Bullet That Saved The World
Q: Are you going to pursue more of your music career as well?

Lance: "It's been on my mind lately. I slowly started writing again. We'll see. I'm a little hesitant to perform because I really don't want this kind of life at this point in my life and career because I'm focusing so much on doing other things and my acting is starting to produce intelligent film. But it informs my work as an actor and it's been such an integral part of almost my entire life."

Q: When you started filming for Fringe did you have any idea that 5 months after the show is over the fans are still talking about. It will always be "Fringe Friday" or "Naked Tuesday" or a white tulip will never just be a white tulip, things like that. Do you guys as actors working on the show experience some of the same things, like you see something and then it reminds of something in Fringe?

Lance: "I can't speak for the other actors. This is a tough one for me. I feel like this is two questions. When we started the series I didn't quite know what to expect because so often you know there is a lot of hype... It was J.J.'s big series coming out after LOST. And the pilot was a huge hit, and then in terms of numbers, it was up and down, it ebbed and flowed.
Now that it's over I'm a little - I don't want to say taken aback because I had a similar experience with The Wire, where it seemed like no one was watching while it was on and it's turned into this huge phenomenon. But I feel like Fringe is going to have this same kind of life. The fan base is going to keep growing and growing and growing as people watch it."

That concluded the Red Carpet.

Most of the press went to the Media Room where award recipients go for a winning photo and maybe some more questions. 
For the past years whenever Fringe cast members received any Saturn Awards hardly anyone ever reported back the acceptance speeches. This year there was a table set aside for media to watch the ceremony. So I did. I don't have pictures but it was amazing. 

Lance actually hosted the ceremony. He was wonderful and he walked out on stage with the same authority he displayed when he was Agent Broyles.

The movie awards were handed out first. Here is the list of all winners (including TV).

Then came the magical moment for the Television Awards.
The winner for Best Actress on Television was announced.

And it was Anna Torv, for the 4th year in a row. Congratulations, well deserved!!!!
Anna: "You guys have been so good to me... It's so strange to be accepting this for a show and for a character that I said good bye to a little while ago. What's been said tonight and I'll repeat is, that's one of the beautiful things about working in Film and Television is that you get to make something that lives on in people's dreams and imaginations long after it's been written and shot and edited and aired."
"Thank you so much to the Bad Robot family and our writers but mainly thank yo so much to you guys for supporting the show and me year after year after year. I'm truly honored and really, really grateful. Thank you."

This was the only award for Fringe.

It was an exciting evening. I was able to witness an award ceremony where I had actually voted in. I had become a member of the Academy so I could give Fringe my votes. Membership is open to the public. 
So for next year, if you want your favorite movie, TV show or actor/actress to win, you can participate. 

By the way, this was parked outside my hotel at the half way point (yeah I drove). Not quite the right colors but a Bishop Mobile nonetheless. 
And to end with a (modified) Bishop quote: 1.18 Midnight


Unknown said...

Yep, the writers were sooo good to you Anna. Some actors don't have that opportunity.

panda said...

4th year in a row. Like John Noble said: congratulations Anna Torv on her well deserved Saturn Award win. The rest of the cast should have won though. Thanks for the coverage Cortexifan. :)

milostanfield said...

Glad you (and your car's AC) made it back across the desert. People are driving out here wearing oven mitts for the steering wheel!

Too bad J. J. didn't show. A one on one with him would have been quite a coup.

Congrats to Anna!

fringeobsessed said...

Nicely done, cortexifan :)

Matthew M said...

I am so having FRINGE WITHDRAWAL! I need several doses of Cortexiphan.
Been watching "FRINGE" episodes via ROKU & Amazon Prime video library. Especially the first three and a half years.
Can't believe it's not coming back. Still more tales to tell ~ how about some TV movies?
SAG NOW. Time to get a snack and watch some episodes.

cortexifan said...

Matthew M.
I know how you feel. I've been watching as well and I will continue.

Zepp said...

Thanks by the post, cortexifan. No doubt the "Hero of Fringe," is the winner of this coveted and important award for the fourth time (if I'm not mistaken ...). This award received by it undoubtedly also represents all actors of our beloved Fringe, congratulations Anna Torv!

Unknown said...

Yeah and the "plot device" of the show (JOSHUA JACKSON) didn't win anything. Go head gloat.

Zepp said...

Beside what I wrote above, with regard to this wonderful prize awarded by the Saturn Award for the actress Anna Torv, I could not fail to mention here in this space, a great injustice, often committed by other major awards, not to nominate and much less reward, the stupendous artistic performances of two actors, the first line of Fringe, which are the excellent John Noble and Joshua Jackson.

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