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Fringe: What Would You Ask JJ Abrams or Lance Reddick?

      Email Post       6/16/2013 05:51:00 PM      

The 39th Annual Saturn Awards are on June 26, and Fringe is nominated for 6 awards:
  • Best Network Television Series
  • Best Actor (Joshua Jackson)
  • Best Actress (Anna Torv)
  • Best Supporting Actor (John Noble)
  • Best Guest Starring Role In A Series (Blair Brown)
  • Best Guest Starring Role In A Series (Lance Reddick)
Our own Cortexifan will be there LIVE on the Red Carpet, interviewing whoever comes down the line.

We know for sure that JJ Abrams and Lance Reddick will be attending, but there could be more Fringies as well.

Is there anything you still want to know about Fringe? Post your questions in the comments and we'll try to get as many answered as possible!


fringeobsessed said...

Way to go, Cortexifan!!! Awesome. :))

Anonymous said...

You need to fix John Noble's nomination. He's an ACTOR. Not an Actress... lol

cortexifan said...


Anonymous said...

When is the movie coming out? ;) just some wishful thinking...

Zepp said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zepp said...

First thank you for this great news. And I'm happy, even the nomination of the entire main cast of Fringe, which is nonetheless a beautiful victory, because these are actors in a series that has ended, is not it? But, I ask, where are now the main actors, as the Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and John Noble, as well as, Lance Reddick, Blair Brown and Michael Cerveris? They have agreed to stage another show or movie, you guys have any news about this? Thanks Dennis!

Unknown said...

I´m really happy that they are all nominated:-D But my questions are: When did you come up with the ending of the show.?

How is it going with "Almost human"? It looks really good:-)

milostanfield said...

Sure hope Josh wins. Hope they all do.

My question to J.J. - Was Ella really you dressed up as a little girl? She sure came on like a savvy producer, especially in "Brown Betty".

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cortexifan said...

Thank you everyone for your questions. Keep them coming!!!!

milostanfield said...

This might be a better ? for the show runners, but J.J. may have some insight:

Of the major ideas that developed in Fringe, which ones were locked in from the beginning, and which ones, if any, came up on their own, serendipitously or otherwise, while the show was in production, and if there were any such ideas, did they significantly change the direction of the show?

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