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Fringe Season 5 Soundtrack Available On iTunes

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While the release of the Fringe Season 5 Soundtrack CD (do people still buy CDs?) is still over a week away (June 25), the entire album is available for download on iTunes for $9.99. The 24 tracks can also be purchased individually for 99¢ each.

Official Description:

FRINGE — the supernatural sci-fi crime drama from J.J. Abrams — is back for its fifth and final spellbinding season. The year is 2036. The Observers have become ruthless rulers, limiting free will and speech, and are slowly poisoning Earth’s atmosphere so that only their own kind can survive. All is not lost, however. A series of videotapes, preserved in amber, hold detailed plans for overthrowing the Observers and restoring the planet and its people. The Fringe team will undertake the most important mission of all time: retrieve the tapes, follow their clues, decipher the code, and prepare for the battle to save humanity. Join Fringe scientist Walter Bishop, FBI agent Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, and Olivia and Peter’s now-grown daughter, Henrietta, for 13 episodes filled with struggles, surprises and sacrifices in this explosive and emotional final season.

Composer Chris Tilton hangs on to the FRINGE musical reins for the series’ epic finale and delivers some of his finest and most dramatic scoring yet.


Zepp said...

Thanks for the post, Dennis. I, for geographical reasons had no idea of this great release of those rare soundtracks! Will enrich my collections Fringe undoubtedly.

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