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The Fringe Podcast Episode 530-Fringe Finale Review

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In this episode of The Fringe Podcast we share our final thoughts on the series finale of Fringe. We discuss the final scene, the resolution of the characters, our satisfaction with the questions that were answered, and how the story could continue. We also discuss some of the scenes that have caused some fans to be confused such as Windmark’s death and the time reset. This episode also features a final installment of Random Thoughts From Canadia.

We also talk about how the Fringe series finale compares to other shows, the future of Golden Spiral Media, and other shows that we’ll be watching.


Surun Tunne said...
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Surun Tunne said...

here are my thoughts:
seasons 1-4 did still happen after the reset and everything happened exactly as we have seen it, including september and the other observers.
if september never would have existed, then walter and michael couldn't live the rest of their lives in 2167 because no september means no michael! so, the observers (september) have to exist so that michael can be alive in 2167 and stop the invasion.
this means the reset only takes place from 2015 onwards because on that day of the invasion walter and michael cease to exist but continue their lives in 2167 to make sure that the invasion doesn't happen.

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