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Fringe Benefits Project: "The Plateau" - Second Chance

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Mark Englert (@markenglert) will have artist proofs of "The Plateau" available for sale this Saturday at, sometime between 10:00 am - 11:00 am PDT.

Englert posted on his website there will be 15 AP posters available for sale, priced at $150 - but it comes the extra bonus of "a sketch of your choice in the margin" by the artist!

The reason for the big markup is that Englert's studio was damaged in a flood, so he is going to use the  money to help cover what his insurance doesn't.

Sometime in the future, Englert will also be having a flood-specific fundraiser, where he will give away 5 additional "The Plateau" posters:
The remaining 5 posters will be randomly inserted into an upcoming sale of a poster I'll be making specifically to raise funds to cover losses as well. That will be a timed release, on sale for 24 hours so everyone who wants a print and a shot at a free Fringe poster can get one .
If you are interested, be sure to follow @markenglert on Twitter, and sign up for his mailing list at

Also, keep an eye on our twitter - @FringeTV - we'll let you know when they are available as soon as we hear anything.


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