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Observerational Ponderings - Questions! Questions That Need Answers!

      Email Post       8/25/2011 10:23:00 PM      

A collection of food for thought questions for the upcoming season.

1) Why was Peter the only one affected by the creation of the Universe Bridge Room?

2) If the answer to question 1 is NOT because of some time/reality paradox then what was the cause of Peter’s removal from existence?

3) Could the Observer’s statement that Peter had served his purpose meant the Observers deem Peter no longer necessary and hence did not save him when Peter and Walter fell through the ice in Season 2's, 'Peter?'

4) Did Peter never exist? Or did he die as a boy in both universes?  Imagine the grief Walter would have been subject to if he had to watch Peter die not once, but twice!

5) Will Olivia be the ‘lever’ that joins the timeline of Season 4 with the one from the previous seasons?

6) How can Peter be brought back into existence without the ripple effects a la Season 3's, ‘The Firefly?’

7) Will Olivia and Peter re-do the brain wave synchronization experiment from Season 1’s, ‘The Dreamscape,’ and, ‘The Transformation,’ that will allow Olivia and Peter to share their memories?

8) Will question 7 be the way that Peter and Olivia discover they met before in, ‘Subject 13?’

9) Will Olivia experience the same memory flashes we saw when Peter went into the Machine in, ‘The Last Sam Weiss?’

10)  Will the Observers discover that Peter is still ‘important’ and must return him to existence because without him in Walter and Olivia’s lives they are no longer properly equipped emotionally to resolve the impending collapse of the two universes?

Are the Observers The Survivors of a Similar Bi-Universe Annihilation?

Finally,  the Observers:

1) What is the Observers’s ultimate goal?  

2) Do they come from a reality where their two universes have already destroyed each other?  

3) Are they studying ours in the hope of finding a way to go back and avert the destruction of their reality(ies)?


tvnut014 said...

Very good questions. It's funny, I don't think any other show on television right now has a complex storyline that deserves such complex questions. I really hope they are all answered!

Eric said...

Fringe is a truly magnificent TV show! No other show I know causes the viewer to think this deeply about its story. These are some very crucial questions that I hope are answered soon! Long live Fringe!

cortexifan said...

@Old Darth,
those are awesome questions. One theory or another question I have to ?9: Were these memory flashes only Peter's? Did Olivia see them as well? What if Peter projected them so that Olivia has something to remember him by?

trent said...

1) Why, indeed? It makes no sense.
2) The time paradox would not explain, why the others cannot remember Peter before the bridge event. I hope the writers can explain that one. Something like "It's a paradox!" doesn't cut it.
3) The Observers said he never existed. There was no need to not save him, because he was never alive.
4) I suppose he was never born. However, if he was and Walter had to watch his son die once. The other Peter wasn't his son and he didn't have any relationship with him.
5) Olivia will be the "lever", "the doorstop", "the crowbar", "the drainpipe", "the screwdriver", you name it.
6) He cannot?
7) Hopefully not!
8) Didn't the writers say, they would not remember their first encounter? Or am I imagining things?
9) Why would she? And who would she remember? Peter never existed.
10) Will the Observers make up their minds once and for all? "The Boy is important, he has to live! Sorry, we meant The Boy is not important, he has to die! Uh oh! Can we go back to out first statement?"

1) Clearly not just observe.

2) If so, how did they escape that destruction?

3) Maybe, but why are they intervening so often in these realities? They could do the same in their worlds: go back and forth through time and fix things, that led to the destruction.

Jonas said...

If the "First People" were actually Fringe team members hiding the machine, then why is the writing on the papers illegible, looking like alien writing?

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