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Fringe - First Season 4 Promo *UPDATE*

      Email Post       8/26/2011 05:35:00 PM      

Here's a better quality promo. Enjoy.

Fox has just released the first season 4 promo for Fringe. Am going to try to recorded with better quality because there's a glimps of Peter from season 1 at 0:09 that doesn't appear on this video.


Matthew M said...

Call that a "PROMO"?

tvnut014 said...

What? That was... what?!? What just happened? 14 seconds is NOT a promo!!! At least some sort of 30 second long clip that alludes to a storyline is acceptable at this point. -rage-

fakehater said...

that was....

tvnut104, i feel your -rage- and I second it!

Anonymous said...

But Peter saying "Walter" after turning the music down was awesome :-D.


FringeFan said...

What if we are looking at S3 finale all wrong, what if its a well calculated (which it always is) cliffhanger intended to divert our thoughts and minds from one another simple conclusion. If Peter ceased to exist in the S3 finale, how could it affect anything that has already happened; just Like Walter said in the finale, "I can't change what happened, because it's already happened". So, what if Peter's non-existence didn't rewrite history, but just left gaps and holes in the events of the previous seasons and in those leading up to them. What if all the characters are aware of these gaps and are searching for something that could fill them up (which is obviously, Peter Bishop) but they just don't know who or what it is. Came up with this while watching the 4th WHERE IS PETER? BISHOP teaser. It came to me when Olivia says: "I know what it's like to have a hole in my life. It's been there as long as I can remember." ==> Something/Someone's missing.

cortexifan said...


That sound like a very good theory. That's kind what I think too. The showrunners have said everything that happened in the previous seasons did happen so it makes sense that they would now go through life with something missing.

Can I have it now!

@ all the other posters before that.
We're desperate and will take anything that gives us just the slightest glimpse into the new season even if it is only 14 seconds long. So please let us!

Anonymous said...

A 20-second version with a quick shot of Peter:

Fringie6989 said...

YAY!!!! Its been a great week for Fringe fans!! All these little snippets are so so so great! FringeFan, Cortexifan, I'm thinking the same thing. With the exception of the finale, when September said he never existed, all of the promos have pointed to where Peter is, not who Peter is. Why was he taken out of the equation? Could be any number of reasons, though I think its safe to say the observers have something to do with it. My feeling is that its something devious, but it could very well be something good on their part. Either way, this exploring a world without Peter thing, seems to me to be a way to showcase just how much of an impact Peter made on the world, Fringe division, and specifically Olivia and Walter, and that eventually, that loss will become very apparent. And maybe I'm just hopeful because I really want to see (or hear) Peter in the premiere, but this clip gives me hope of some more projection Peter before he comes back for real.

xcahrlo said...

That flash of Peter doesn't seem from season 1, it looks like a new image or footage.

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