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FRINGE Season 4 Teaser: 'Where Is Peter Bishop?' Part 3

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FRINGE Season 4 Teaser: ‘Where Is Peter Bishop?’ Part 3

August 12, 2011 by Marisa Roffman

(AKA Fox wants in on the network-endorsed shipper videos!)

Another Friday, another glorious FRINGE season 4 teaser. Can we please get a new one of these every Friday, powers that be?

While past promos have centered more on the overall disappearance of Peter versus a specific aspect of what his absence will mean, this 30-second spot focused in on Peter and Olivia’s convoluted romance. The teaser showed a scene from “The Plateau,” where Peter “appeared” to Olivia (as she was trapped in the alt-universe and brainwashed to believe she was Fauxlivia) and told her, “Real is just a matter of perception. I am here. And I’m a part of you that you have to hold on to. You can’t forget who you are, Olivia. You can’t forget where you’re from. You can’t forget this.”

Pretty fitting, given that in season four, it certainly appears Olivia will have no memory of Peter ever existing. Will we have a repeat of Peter trying to remind Olivia of his place in her life?

Take a look at the promo and then read on for my speculation on one of the season four tidbits in the spot…

(Note:The video is the same one J. Dunham posted in the previous post)

“I don’t think there is anything sadder than when two people are meant to be together and something else intervenes.” – Walter

Walter Bishop, you kill me a little. I don’t think this is specifically about Peter and Olivia (since as far as our characters know, Peter probably died when he was a kid), but I wonder if Walter is reflecting on his own life? A case they’re working on? A movie he’s watching? With Walter, it could be practically anything.

Share your theories below!


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