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Fringe Reviews Roundup 303: The Plateau

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Here are a roundup of reviews for the Fringe episode The Plateau.
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    Anonymous said... :

    An Observer said...

    I have a question: I'm re-watching Fringe: The Plateau on right now and I'm noticing that some Fringe Agents wear some kind of black clamp on one of their ears.

    What is it and why do they wear it?

    Anonymous said...

    Its like a Telephone in our world. They simply press it and call someone.

    Anonymous said...

    I noticed they filmed in the exactly the same area as when Olivia came crashing though the car window in the beginning of season 2. The scene I referring to is the 3rd bus crash scene when she spots the guy and runs after him. The only reason I know this is because I walk by there to my way to my friends place (I live in Vancouver).

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