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Conference Call Interview With Anna Torv

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Anna Torv Conference Call, Part 1
FringeTelevision had a chance recently to join the FOX conference call with Anna Torv. They were filming on-location, working on a hostage situation at a train station. She commented that there were a lot of cop cars and it was plenty noisy. She only had a few minutes before a knock on the door interrupted her call and she was brought back to the set to continue filming.

The first question Anna was asked about the acting challenges of playing two different characters---that are potentially the same character. She commented about the personal conflicts the characters have and will be faced with even more so when they get home.

The interview continued with a joke about how Anna must like having a great amount of job security in playing two Olivia’s.
Anna Torv Conference Call, Part2
Anna spoke about Olivia and Peter’s relationship. How we want them together and it’s been set up that way on purpose, building up this relationship and finally giving a little bit. Only to find that we’re going one step forward and ten steps back. For Alt-Olivia being with Peter, it’s all an assignment. Peter is a charmer. Although Anna does say that she’s not sure what Alt-Olivia will think after they’ve been together a bit.

We dug deeper into the philosophical part of playing two characters and how that reflects on Anna, externally the fact that people don’t see it or examine that part of their lives but it brings about the “who am I” question.

Anna admitted that sometimes they do treat her differently with the red hair but her attitude is different. Of course when she leaves the set she doesn’t walk around with an accent and tries not to take the character home with her or off the set. Anna also explained how the prop guys are really good about making sure you don’t walk off the set with your badge and gun. Imagine what that would be like bringing it someplace with you on-location and someone thinking you were really a cop!

Anna further told us that Olivia’s fundamental struggle is that she feels so responsible for everything and everywhere. She’d like to leave her work at work. Put the weight of the world on someone else’s shoulders for a minute. That’s probably the biggest quality Olivia wishes she had from Alt-Olivia. Anna continued to say that she’s not sure if Olivia is capable of changing such a fundamental core belief.

The entire conference call is available in the two YouTube videos shown here.


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