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Fringe Preview 215: Peter

      Email Post       2/04/2010 10:46:00 PM      

Fringe will be taking a eight-week break while Fox airs the new show Past Life. Fringe will return on April 1st (no joke), with eight new episodes in a row, and the season finale on May 20th.

Head over to the FringeTelevision YouTube channel to watch it in HD.

Screenshots of the video are available at


Unknown said...

Hey Guys,

Somebody should really be more alert in your Broadcast Standards department (if you have one). In the episode that just aired on 2/4/2010, you had large overscale letters indicating that we were in the city of MANHATAN sic.

Yes that's right, you misspelled the name MANHATTAN (giving it only one "T")

Fringe is a great, innovative show that should not have attention diverted from it by something as juvenile as a major city's name being misspelled.

Ray Savoy

Chris Tilton said...

That's because in the alternate universe, it's spelled with one "T." It's spelled "Manhatan" on all of the architecture plans and things around the office as well.

Nathan P said...

DID ANYONE ELSE NOTICE? hopefully writers of this website read this:

5 20 10 the combo of the lock to the jacksonville florida children center... Walkter: "It is significant but i cant place why"

5 20 10 = 5=May 20th 2010 the season finale! its gonna be epic people. The war starts! (or something equally epic)

It would make sense they would for the most part end the story line considering the risk of being canceled. I read the producers have had it written so it will tie it up, but leave it enough open to have a new season if renewed.

Nathan P said...


my bad

Cloud said...

FFFFFFFFF I can't wait for the next Fringe to be aired! I'm just so excited! But 2/18(a thursday) was my birthday and I was upset that there wasn't a new episode then. Buuut I'm still excited :D. And hyper.

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