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Secrets of Fringe: Jacksonville

      Email Post       2/08/2010 05:34:00 PM      

Fringe executive producers J.H. Wyman and Jeff Pinkner discuss Fringe episode 214: "Jacksonville"; the balance between universes, Newton's plan, the numbers 5-20-10, activating Olivia, the future of Olivia & Peter, and Olivia seeing the glimmer on Peter.


Rui Medina said...

so... I just maded some math and figured that:

5 + 20 + 10 * pi / 4 (the first number of lost) = 27,47

u put that in google and it apears that you can go to google maps and it gives you some location in middle saudi arabia (+27 +47) it may have something to do with Peter, or Massive Dynamic experiences cause the place is just desert

now check this out, with the lost number 23, you get 4,778, that's a gene of the human body, it may have something to do with mutation or something I still got to read some stuff

for 42, result 2,616 you got ngc 2616

for number 16, result 6,868 you got another ngc (galaxy)

this was made in 5 minutes so I can mistaken something

so if you guys find something more...

Rui Medina said...

got something more on the gene 4778, basically it controls a protein that regulate megakaryocytic cells, this cells make bone marrow cells that are responsible for the production of blood thrombocytes (platelets), basically if ypu control that gene you can make a person sweat blood and make her like loose blood trough the skin so...

this is my interpretation, if you want more go to here:
information about the gene

Unknown said...

Dude, he was obviously joking and making it up on the fly. It's just a date. Or even if it does mean something else too, it certainly isn't related to the equation in the video.

Rui Medina said...

yet, we learn trough this joke, that we can find some meany in evrerything, u see, a result that has the same number of a gene that controls the thickness of our blood, kinda awesome how by doing the math I could find something like that, even knowing that it was probably a joke ^^

roland said...

Thought it was pretty Obvious that it was a date, May 20, 2010. Coincidentally a Thursday, and a likely date for a season finale.

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