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      Email Post       2/05/2010 12:26:00 PM      

There are two numbering systems for Fringe episodes being used right now, depending on where you look - the actual script production number, and the order that they were aired during this season.

Jacksonville is episode #214, according to the official Fringe press releases. That's the numbering system we use.

Jacksonville was also the 15th episode shown during Season 2. So you may see other places have the designation of Season 2 Episode 15, 2.15, or 2x15.

The reason for the discrepancy is that the 10th episode shown this season, Unearthed, was actually filmed during season one (which explains why Charlie was still alive) and shown as a "bonus" episode this season. That episode is officially #121, but since it aired this season, some people are counting it as a season two episode and calling it 2.10.

I know it's a little confusing, but I wouldn't really worry about the episode numbers so much - that's just a technical issue that unfortunately won't resolve itself until next season.

And that's probably more than you ever wanted to know about Fringe episode numbers.


Unknown said...

Good luck getting that by everyone in the world.

Dennis said...

It's not just me against the world, I see other places using the episode numbers too. There's no really good way to handle episodes that are shown out of order, let alone out of season.

I didn't create the problem, I'm just letting everyone know what's up, since I'm still getting questions about it. It's really just inside baseball at this point. Most people don't (and shouldn't) care what the episode number is.

I run a lot of things ahead of the airing schedule - promo photos, previews, etc. and one of the first things available is the press releases, so it's easier and more consistent for me to follow the actual episode numbers.

Baris Unver said...

Unearthed could have been hell of a viral campaign for Fringe, I think. It could have been released to internet and said "This is an unaired first season episode of Fringe."

Respects and regards from Ankara, Turkey.

ispeedtoo said...

And the combo means what?

5-20-10 (Date?)
35 (sum)
1-4-2 (com)
7 (com sum)

Unknown said...

5-20-10 is the date the season finale airs. I guess it's going to end with a big event!

small and deepest fountain said...

Thanks man, obliously this is the only thing I need to know about the episode numbers, but I appreciate the explanation. I was very confused...

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