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Fringe Preview 211: Johari Window

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Here is the preview for an upcoming Fringe episode - "Johari Window" - which airs next Thursday January 14th on FOX.

HOWEVER... there is also a new episode this coming Monday as well. Two Fringe episodes in one week! The bonus episode, which was actually filmed last season, is titled "Unearthed" and will air at 9:00pm on Monday, January 11th.

Head over to the FringeTelevision YouTube channel to watch it in full HD.

Screenshots of the video are available at


Anonymous said...

That is odd. The Episode Guide at TV.Com says that 2.11 is called UnEarthed.

The same holds true over at IMDb

fringeobsessed said...

That's weird, DocH, because Spoiler Geeks and Fringe Insider both insist 'Unearthed' is still episode 1.21, and that 'Joahri Window'(previously titled 'Edina City Limits') is episode 2.11.

Anonymous said...

Stranger still... I have never heard of either of those individuals (?) - and you have not provided a link for me to review their work.

Melda said...

What they're calling the episode (either 2.11 or 1.21) is unclear, but it seems to definitively be from season 1, since Kirk Acevedo is listed in the cast (a link for you, DocH). It's possible that he could be in a flashback, but I think for all intents and purposes Unearthed is a season 1 episode, regardless of number.

Anonymous said...

TV Guide (!!TV GUIDE!!)
is calling

2.11 = Unearthed
2.12 = Johari Window
2.13 = What Lies Below

TV Guide

Acevedo (Kirk, not Dennis) has been in Season 2 episodes as well.

David Wu said...

TV Guide is likely wrong, and was confused just as well - on FOX's schedule for next Monday, it lists the episode as "(FR-121)." Go to and click on the Fringe link for Monday to verify this.

fringeobsessed said...

No worries, DocH.
Here's your link to Spoiler Geeks
Spoiler Geeks link (Go down to 1/05 entry which lists 'Joahri Window' as episode 2.11)

And I mistakenly said "Fringe Insider" when I meant "Fringe Bloggers. Fringe Bloggers posted that "Unearthed" is eppy 1.21 and not 2.11.
link to Fringe Bloggers

Anonymous said...

Well her is the thing... if they wrote the FR-121 release when they shot the principle scenes... they may have intentionally/accidently kept the 121 tag and not changed it to 211. Could be dyslexia (lysdexia?) too.

Here is the tell - If Unearthed has 49 minutes of air time, 5 commercial glyphs, (will return in 60/90 seconds), a New York tax/union stamp in the credits and a production code of #3T7670 - it is from season 1.

If it is 42 minutes, 6 glyphs, Canada Guild stamp and prod code #3X5111 - season 2.

The only writer associated (so far) with Unearthed is a season 2 guy. FringeBlogger and SpoilerGeeks are private blogs that do not reflect anything official - they ususally repeat bad info, as well as the good.

The FoxFlash release even questions its own statement with - Is it Season One? or an alt-universe....

Dennis said...

The FoxFlash question is "Why are we showing you this Season 1 episode now". It specifically says in the title of the Fringe 121 press release:


lsixecho108 said...

This episode has the exact same words in the intro sequence thing as the first season. They changed those words in the second season.

Taylor said...

What is the familiar tune that Peter hums?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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