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Tonight On Fringe: What Lies Below

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Tonight on Fringe is the all-new episode "What Lies Below". Here is a sneak peek and behind-the-scenes look.

As always, we'll have a LIVE Fringe chat from 9:00 PM to 12:00 PM ET, if you want to talk with other Fringe fans, during or after the show.  We usually play "spot the observer", and "What's the glyph code?", plus discuss the action on the show. To join the chat, visit the Fringe chat roomenter your name or a nickname, and join the fun! (please don't use the default mib_xxxxx nickname!)

To discuss this or any other Fringe episode, head over to the Fringe Episodes section!

Also, don't forget to check the Fringe Easter Eggs section for Observer sightings, Glyph codes, and other Fringe hidden clues.

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