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Fringe Episode 211: Johari Window

      Email Post       1/14/2010 08:04:00 PM      

Following an unexplained attack involving disfigured humans, the Fringe team visits Edina City, a small town in upstate New York to uncover leads surrounding the bizarre case. When it’s determined that these disfigured people have managed to hide themselves for a while and they’ll do just about anything to keep it that way, the investigation takes an unexpected turn

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Joey said...

I spent the first 10 minutes thinking they were saying "a diner"...

And I was asking myself, 'What's so special about this diner?'

I would have pronouced it 'E-din-a'.

Anonymous said...

Any one spot the observer?

Carito! said...

Hahaha, good comment Joe :D

Actually I rated this episode 4stars because I want to see more thing about the pattern or the other side

Paulinha said...

O observador aparece aos 13:05 minutos, passando por trás da Olivia enquanto ela conversa com a mãe da garota em frente a Igreja

CB said...

HAHA, I too thought they were saying "a diner". I kept thinking, "that's dumb, why in the world would the government take a freaking CENSUS of a single little DINER?" hahaha. D'oh!!

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing Astrid doing a little field work. Hope to see more of it.

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